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The Best Beer & Breweries Awards

Each year, The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online acknowledges the world's highest-rated beer, non-alcoholic beer, cider, mead and seltzer as evaluated in the publication's Official Review. It then awards the year's top beverages and producers for its Beer Awards & Brewery Awards.

Beer Awards

The Best Beer & Breweries Awards presented by The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online is the epic annual celebration of the world's top-rated beer, non-alcoholic beer, cider, mead and seltzer as reviewed in the publication's esteemed Official Review.

Every January, the magazine's editorial department compiles the highest-rated products from the year into a best-of-list for national and international publication in print and online.

It then compiles the top three-rated products from brewers and producers to award the top three breweries of the year.

Furthermore, it acknowledges the best products in the most populous style categories within the year.

Learn more about the most recognized independent media review for the beer and adult beverages industry below.

Beer Awards

HOW TO ENTER (Beer, Non-Alcoholic Beer, Cider, Mead, Seltzer)

The Official Review is a highly controlled single-blind format that ensures unbiased evaluations of your brands.

We prefer not to acquire products from retailers. We believe beverages shipped direct from producers results in the most accurate evaluation of the beverages, or the way the brewers intend it to be enjoyed.

This provides consumers with the best information about the out-the-door quality of the beverages, and it provides brewers with the most accurate critical evaluation of their work.

This process is labor-intensive and costly, and we thus have the following entry requirements.

  1. Producers who hold an active Tier 1, Trade Membership "Business Subscription" to The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online may enter one (1) product per year to the Official Review.
  2. Producers may enter up to fourteen (14) products per year by joining as a Tier 2, Tier 3 or Tier 4 Trade Member.

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 The Best Beer & Breweries Awards Beer Competition


Product reviews and the additional editorial content that we produce using them are among the highest-read content that The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online publishes across our platforms.

Our reviews lead to significant additional opportunities in print, in eNewsletters, on and in social media including: Brewer Q&As for high-scoring products, editorial recommendations, product spotlights, brewery tours of quality producers and more.

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Products reviewed between January 1 and the the first week of December qualify for that year's awards.

Beer, cider, mead and seltzer styles from around the world are welcome for review, as long as samples can be shipped to our US- or Canada-based judges.

Winners are announced in the Winter edition of The Beer Connoisseur® print magazine, which arrives early-to-mid January, as well as on and the publication's social media accounts.

Winners are announced for the following categories. If the product is cider, mead or seltzer, then "beer" is substituted for the relative product type.

  • Best Beer of the Year / #1 Rated Beer of the Year
  • Best Brewery of the Year
  • Brewery of the Year, 1st Runner-up
  • Brewery of the Year, 2nd Runner-up
  • #2 - #10 Rated Beer of the Year
  • Top 10 Rated Beers
  • Top 25 Rated Beers
  • Top 100 Rated Beers
  • Top 150 Rated Beers

The Beer Connoisseur® also acknowledges the top-rated products for the most populated styles within the year.

  • Best "Style" of the Year
  • #2 - #5 "Style" of the Year

The Best Beer & Breweries Awards Certificates


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Awards and Ratings - Digital Seals and Medals

Beer & Brewery Awards Past Winners


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Questions about the Awards or the Official Review?

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