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Top 100 Beers of 2021

Each year, we collect the highest-scoring beers evaluated in the Official Review and combine them into a list of the finest examples. 2021 featured a vast variety of terrific brews, and we’ve highlighted the boldest and brightest in this best-of list for the year that was.

Hazy IPAs continued to dominate fermentation tank space and retail shelf space in 2021, with a number of our top beers of the past year falling under that catch-all hazy IPA category. As always, barrel-aged stouts and other dark beers were immensely popular among our judges, as those powerful flavors and aromas are hard for any true beer connoisseur to resist.

While this list is heavy on the styles above, what makes craft beer so wonderful is that any well-executed brew gets a chance to shine, and this list is replete with more niche styles such as near-flawless international pale lagers, thirst-quenching fruited sours and spiced stouts.

We hope that you enjoy exploring this list of the Top 150 Beers of 2021 and that you use it to seek out the finest brews near you in the coming year. Cheers!

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