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Write for Us: Become a Guest Blogger at The Beer Connoisseur®

Do you have a love for writing and have something important to share with our audience? If so, you can write for us as a guest blogger, or contribute your professional content as a guest writer.

Write for Us: Become a Guest Blogger at The Beer Connoisseur®

Whether you are a professional writer or journalist, or just a beginner, your voice is welcome here. There are a few criteria you need to keep in mind before starting to write for us.

Let's discuss them in detail.

About The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online

Before submitting your pitches to us, it's better to first understand who we are and what categories of content that we cover in our publications and on our website at

The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online is the beer and beverage industries’ leading media authority that covers a range of consumer and professional interest categories including beer, cider, mead, spirits, wine, the general beverage industry, culinary & food, travel & tourism, consumer products, lifestyles, cannabis, CBD, gaming, gambling, casinos, technology and much more.

Our core editorial covers the beer industry in depth; however, our editorial is where all things drinks and more come together. Think of us as your go-to source for lifestyles content that appeal to the broad interests of both drinks enthusiasts and professionals working in the industries that we cover.

How to Submit Pitches as a Guest Blogger or Guest Writer

Send pitches to: editorial (at) beerconnoisseur (dot) com

Have you ever found yourself thinking, "I have some great stories to tell, but I don't know where to start"? You are in the right place. We are not necessarily looking for beverage experts or a brewing degree, just a genuine passion for writing with your inspiration.

Submit your pitch as a guest blog if the above describes your writing experience.

Journalists, marketers, public relations professionals, and industry experts for companies and organizations that are interested in contributing content about their field should submit pitches as a guest writer. Topics can be educational, introduce products and services, provide expert insights and more.

Content submitted as a guest writer is typically produced in coordination with our editorial department. Or it may fall under our paid guest blog program.

*Please note that we charge to add dofollow backlinks in guest content. Our rates for SEO anchored link insertions, or guest blogs that include dofollow backlinks, can be found in our media guide.

Here are the steps for submitting topic pitches:

  1. Find Your Passion: What aspect of our drinks or lifestyles topics excites you? Craft beer, spirits, or maybe a mix of tech and drinks? Figure out your niche.
  2. Be Yourself: You don't need a writing degree. Your authentic voice and love for the subject are what matter most. Be you and let your enthusiasm shine.
  3. Pitch Your Ideas: Email a summary of your topic to our editorial department at editorial (at) beerconnoisseur (dot) com and why you believe it will connect with The Beer Connoisseur's audience. Highlight key points and what makes your piece unique, or submit your entire story for review.
  4.  Get the Green Light: Once your pitch is approved, you can start writing your full article. We encourage creativity and diverse perspectives.
  5. Write Engaging Content: Decide your tone and writing style. Is your story's tone professional, authoritative, educational, declarative, conversational, informal? Learn about different writing styles before investing too much of your time. Aim for 1000 to 1,500 words. Use titles, subheadings, bullet points, and visuals to make it reader friendly.
  6. Original Work: Your work should be original and plagiarism-free. If information is taken from other works, then those works must be cited.
  7. Media (Photos, Videos & Graphics): For us to accept media with your written content, you must demonstrate that you either own the media, have permission to use it, or have properly licensed it for use.
  8. Submit Your Work: Email your final work to the editorial department typically in a Word Document or Google Doc. Our editors will review your article and may lightly edit it for grammar and then publish it live to our website. Our editors will then notify you and provide the URL of the blog. If heavier edits are needed, then our editors will send the piece back for additional writing.

That's it! That's how you can start writing for us and become either a guest blogger or guest writer on one of the leading editorial websites on the internet for drink enthusiasts.

Who Can Become a Guest Blogger or Guest Writer at The Beer Connoisseur?

Our doors are open to a diverse range of individuals who share a passion for writing and a knack for storytelling.

Here are a few examples of who can contribute:

  • Drinks Enthusiasts: Whether you're a casual writer or a seasoned storyteller through words, if you have a genuine love, you are welcome.
  • Beverage Industry Professionals: If you work in the beverage industry, your unique insights and experiences can offer valuable perspectives to our community.
  • Tech and Gaming Enthusiasts: Are you passionate about the intersection of drinks, technology, or gaming? Your niche interests are appreciated.
  • Foodies and Travel Enthusiasts: Do you love to share interesting food, dishes, and cooking inspiration? Love to uncover unique travel destinations and adventures? Our readers love hearing about your explorations.
  • Creative Minds: Freelancer writers with a knack for creativity and a fresh take on topics related to cannabis, CBD, and lifestyle are encouraged to contribute.
  • No Formal Qualifications Needed: We believe in the power of genuine passion over formal degrees. You don't need a fancy diploma to share your love for drinks.

Join us in creating a vibrant community of voices at The Beer Connoisseur®. If you have a story to share or insights to contribute, we are eager to welcome you. Send pitches to editorial (at) beerconnoisseur (dot) com.

Article & Blog Topic Suggestions

As we are a hub for a wide range of interests embracing diverse niches, here's are some suggestions of what you can write for us:

  • Information Articles:

You can share well-researched articles that provide valuable insights into various aspects of beverages, including industry trends, historical perspectives, or informative guides.

  • Blog Posts:

Express your personal opinions, unique perspectives, and engaging stories through blog posts. We encourage a conversational tone and a diverse range of topics related to our community's interests.

  • Reviews:

Offer detailed reviews on a variety of subjects, such as new craft beers, spirits, gaming experiences, or any other relevant topics. Your reviews contribute to our community's knowledge and help others make informed choices.

  • Experiences or Case Studies:

Take our readers on a journey by sharing your personal experiences related to drinks, travel, or any adventure that involves beverages. Your stories add a personal touch to the diverse content on The Beer Connoisseur.

  • Tips and Tricks:

Share your expertise with practical tips for brewing, tasting, pairing drinks, or anything else related to our community's interests. Your tips can be valuable insights for both enthusiasts and beginners.

  • Food Recipes:

Contribute exciting culinary adventures by sharing your favorite drink recipes or food pairings that complement different beverages. Recipes add a creative and hands-on element to our content.

  • Industry Insights:

If you have a background in the beverage industry, provide professional insights, innovations, or behind-the-scenes knowledge. Your expertise enriches our community's understanding of the industry.

  • Lifestyles Tips:

Share tips on how to incorporate beverages into various aspects of life, from socializing to relaxation. Lifestyle tips can cover a wide range of topics, including wellness, entertainment, and more.

Feel free to explore these content categories, bringing your unique voice and perspective to each contribution.

We're excited to read and showcase the diverse content you can bring to The Beer Connoisseur!

Send pitches to editorial (at) beerconnoisseur (dot) com.

Writing Guidelines for Guest Contributors

Here are some writing guidelines for our guest bloggers.

  • Authenticity Matters:

Be genuine and true to yourself. We value your unique voice and want your personal perspectives to shine through in your writing for a more authentic and relatable connection with our readers.

  • Diverse Topics Welcome:

Explore a wide range of subjects. Whether it's about beer, tech, gaming, or lifestyle, we welcome diverse topics that align with our readers' interests.

  • Engaging Casual, Informal, or Professional Tone:

Write in a way that's both friendly and professional. Your content should be approachable yet maintain a level of sophistication, ensuring a positive and enjoyable reading experience.

  • No Plagiarism:

Submit only original content. Copying from other sources is not allowed. We appreciate fresh perspectives and genuine ideas to maintain the authenticity of our platform.

  • Clarity and Readability:

Organize your content clearly. Use headings, subheadings, and concise paragraphs. Enhance readability with visuals where appropriate, ensuring your message is easily understood by a diverse audience.

  • Word Count:

Aim for a word count between 1000 to 1,500 words. This range allows for a comprehensive exploration of your topic without losing the interest of our readers.

  • Visual Enhancements:

Include high-quality images or graphics that complement your content. Visuals enhance the overall appeal of your writing, making it more engaging and enjoyable for our audience.

  • SEO Best Practices:

Incorporate relevant keywords naturally into your content. While improving search engine visibility is important, prioritize a smooth reading experience, and avoid excessive use of keywords.

  • Citation and References:

If you include facts, quotes, or references, provide proper citations. This not only adds credibility to your content but also allows interested readers to explore further if desired. Transparent sourcing strengthens the reliability of your writing.

So just follow these simple steps, and you will fit right in with The Beer Connoisseur® community.

Send pitches to editorial (at) beerconnoisseur (dot) com.

Submission Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

Here are our submission guidelines:

1. Pitch Your Idea First:

Start by sending a brief pitch to editorial (at) beerconnoisseur (dot) com. Outline your topic, key points, and why it resonates with our readers.

2. Submitting Your Full Article:

Our team will review your draft and it might take some time, so be patient. Once your pitch is approved, follow the instructions provided to submit your full article. Ensure it aligns with our guidelines for a seamless review process.

3. Collaboration on Edits or Feedback:

After a successful submission, you can expect constructive feedback from our editorial team. We aim to enhance your content while preserving your unique voice.

4. Publication:

After necessary edits under our editors' guidance, your article will be scheduled for publication. We will let you know the publishing date, and it will be shared across our platforms, giving you exposure to our audience. Send pitches to editorial (at) beerconnoisseur (dot) com.

Benefits to our Guest Contributors

Contributing to The Beer Connoisseur® comes with several exciting benefits for our valued contributors:

  • Exposure to a Diverse Audience:

Your work will be showcased to a broad and engaged audience, allowing you to share insights on beverages, tech, gaming, and more. This exposure is an excellent opportunity to connect with readers from various backgrounds, expanding your influence within a diverse community.

  • Networking Opportunities:

By writing for us, you can open doors to meaningful networking opportunities. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, industry professionals, and potential collaborators who share your passion for beverages, tech, gaming, and more. These networking opportunities can lead to collaborations, knowledge sharing, and a supportive community that values your expertise.

  • Build Your Writing Portfolio:

Contribute to a reputable platform and build a strong writing portfolio. By showcasing your work on The Beer Connoisseur, you create a compelling collection that demonstrates your expertise across diverse subjects, enhancing your credibility as a versatile writer.

  • Writer Recognition:

Gain recognition for your contributions with a visible writer byline. Your name becomes associated with quality content, establishing you as a trusted and recognized voice within The Beer Connoisseur community and beyond.

  • Social Media Promotion:

Benefit from social media promotion to amplify the reach of your work. Your articles will be shared across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., increasing visibility and engagement. This social media exposure enhances your influence, bringing your insights to a wider audience.

  • Inclusion in Community Events:

Participate in community events, discussions, and collaborations. Being included in these activities allows you to actively engage with a vibrant content marketing community, contributing to meaningful conversations and establishing yourself as an integral part of The Beer Connoisseur.

  • Professional Development:

Receive constructive feedback from our experienced editorial team, guiding you toward continuous improvement. This professional development opportunity helps refine your writing skills, ensuring that each contribution reflects your growing expertise in beverages and related topics.

  • Access to Exclusive Insights:

Stay informed about industry trends and upcoming opportunities through our network and editorial communications. This access to exclusive insights ensures that you are well-informed, positioning you as a knowledgeable contributor in the ever-evolving landscape of beverages and lifestyle.

  • Showcase Your Expertise:

Position yourself as an expert by sharing your knowledge on a variety of topics. Your contributions become a valuable resource for readers seeking insights into beverages, tech, gaming, and lifestyle, establishing you as a go-to authority in your field.

  • Feedback and Growth for Freelancers:

Receive valuable feedback on your writing, fostering continuous improvement. This feedback contributes to your personal and professional growth, guiding you toward becoming an even more skilled and effective writer.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join us in sharing your passion and expertise with The Beer Connoisseur® community! Send pitches to editorial (at) beerconnoisseur (dot) com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to "Write for Us" or to Submit a Guest Post?

The best way to contribute is to start by pitching your ideas. Email us at editorial (at) beerconnoisseur (dot) com with a brief overview of your topic, key points, and why it's a great fit for The Beer Connoisseur. Once approved, we'll guide you on submitting the full article.

Is Guest Blogging Beneficial to Me?

Absolutely! Guest blogging with The Beer Connoisseur offers exposure to a diverse audience, opportunities for networking, and the chance to showcase your expertise. It's a platform to share your passion for beverages, tech, gaming, and more, building your credibility and expanding your influence within the community.

Do We Pay Guest Bloggers?

Currently, we do not offer financial compensation to guest bloggers or guest writers. However, the benefits to you include exposure to a wide audience, recognition for your work, and the chance to enhance your writing portfolio. Contributing to The Beer Connoisseur® is a valuable opportunity to share your insights and connect with like-minded individuals in the beverage and lifestyle space.