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Delve into the world's premier beer magazine as it explores beer culture both in America and abroad. The world of beer continues to head in new and exciting directions, and The Beer Connoisseur® is the industry authority with the goal of delivering the latest news, stories and reviews to both consumers and industry professionals.

Readers will find articles on craft beer and brewers. Expect in-depth beer reviews, international travel articles, brewery tours, profiles of industry personalities, recipes and pairings, style studies, beer culture and more.

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Beer School is an interactive video experience offering a comprehensive class schedule with in-depth tutorials and discussions led by Dave Lieberman of the Food Network. The Beer School lessons consist of interactive media and a course schedule that can be completed in stages at your convenience.

Upon completion, you will have an detailed knowledge of the following curriculum: The Brew House and Perfect Pairings.

Beer Scholl









The Brew House Curriculum
An expert's guide to appreciating beer.
• What it means to be a Beer Connoisseur
• Ingredients 
• Brewing Process
• Beer Styles
• Storage and the Perfect Pour
• Glassware

Perfect Pairings Curriculum
• Pairings Overview
• Beer with Rich Creamy Food
• Beer with Tart, Citrus, Light and Fresh Food
• Beer with Grilled, Seared, and Blackened Food
• Beer with Hearty and Savory Food
• Beer with Hot and Spicy Food
• Beer with Desserts
• Beer with Cheese
• Cooking with Beer

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