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Top 100 Beers of 2019

Top 100 Beers of 2019

Each year, we collect the highest-scoring beers evaluated in the Official Review and combine them into a list of the finest examples. 2019 saw the continuation of the hazy IPA trend into being a hallmark style with real staying power, as many of our hoppy IPAs, pale ales, double IPAs and session IPAs featured hazy, unfiltered elements.

All manner of sour beers, ranging from goses to Flanders red ales to wild specialty beers were reviewed by our judges, and they enjoyed the impressive depth of flavor and mouth-puckering tartness that many sours provide.

Belgian beers were exceptionally well-reviewed this year, with our judges’ favorite styles being the bigger, boozier Belgians like tripels, golden strongs and dark strongs. Speaking of strong and boozy, specialty wood-aged and wood-aged beers aged in all manner of barrels continued their popularity among our judges in 2019.

We hope you enjoy reading about the Top 100 Beers of 2019 and that you use this list to help navigate the vast expanse of beers available today.

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