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Top 100 Beers of 2020

Top 100 Beers of 2020

Each year, we collect the highest-scoring beers of the year from our Official Review in a compendium of the best beers of the year. This year, 150 beers were included ranging from adjunct-filled pastry stouts to light-bodied and elegant craft lagers.

Though 2020 was a year unlike any other due to an unprecedented global pandemic, brewers managed to experiment in a variety of styles – and those styles are represented in our Top 100 Beers of 2020. Hazy, juicy IPAs were at the forefront of the craft beer scene (as expected), but the sheer volume that our judges reviewed was truly staggering.

Beyond those lush and citrusy brews were barrel-aged stouts and other strong styles, which were reviewed in impressively high numbers by our judges. Perhaps it was because everyone was stuck at home for many months of the year that these high-ABV brews came to the forefront.

We sincerely hope you enjoy exploring this list of the Top 100 Beers of 2020 and employ this list as you venture out into the wide world of beer. 


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