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The Best Beers of 2019 by Style Category

best beers 2019 style category

Craft beer in 2019 was defined by extraordinary variety on shelves, in taprooms and in refrigerators across the nation. Our judges in the Official Review sampled a wide swath of them, and each year, we acknowledge the highest-rated beers of the year in some of the most well-represented style categories.

In this list, you’ll find a treasure trove of scintillating beer styles, including some of the finest American IPAs, double IPAs, wild specialty beers, fruit lambics, saisons and American wild ales that our judges imbibed over the course of 2019.

Belgian beers made a resurgence among our judges and were some of the highest-scoring beers in 2019. Specialty wood-aged beers, which are aged in bourbon, rum, whiskey or other barrels, also featured heavily. Further well represented are fruit beers and spice, herb or vegetable beers, which feature all manner of those delicious adjuncts that make the craft beer industry the enjoyable, ever-evolving environment that keeps fans engaged and interested year-round.

Mixed-style beers, which blend two or more styles of beer in a single concoction, and strong Belgian ales, such as dubbels, tripels, golden strong ales and dark strong ales, were also quite popular with our judges in 2019 and are well represented on this list.

Our breweries of the year make multiple appearances on this list, as it makes sense for our best breweries to also produce some of the best beers in various distinct style categories in 2019.

We hope this list piques your interest with its varied styles featured, and each of these beers deserves a special place in your beer fridge due to being some of the best examples of their respective styles.

Top 10 IPAs of 2019 (All Styles)
Top 5 Double IPAs of 2019
Top 5 Hazy IPAs
Top 3 Specialty IPAs
Top 5 Fruit Lambics
Top 3 European Sour Ales
Top 3 Fruit Beers
Top 5 Wild Specialty Beers
Top 5 American Wild Ales
Top 3 Saisons
Top 5 Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beers
Top 4 Mixed-Style Beers
Top 5 Strong Belgian Ales
Top 5 Specialty Wood-Aged Beers

Top 10 IPAs of 2019 (All Styles)

Juicy Harvest Upland Brewing Co.

1. Juicy Harvest
Upland Brewing Co.
Score: 96

Sticky Icky Icky, Short's Brewing Co.

2. Sticky Icky Icky
Short's Brewing Co.
Score: 95

Juice Above the Clouds, Altamont Beer Works

3. Juice Above the Clouds
Altamont Beer Works
Score: 95

Mirror Universe, Fair State Brewing Cooperative

4. Mirror Universe
Fair State Brewing Cooperative
Score: 95

5. Life Hopquatic
Melvin Brewing
Score: 94

6. Lundi
Monday Night Brewing
Score: 94

7. Space Needle IPA
Pike Brewing Co.
Score: 94

Truck Chaser Creamsicle Double IPA, Wild Leap Brew Co.

8. Truck Chaser Creamsicle Double IPA
Wild Leap Brew Co.
Score: 93

9. Double Dust
Pure Project Brewing
Score: 93

10. Good Behavior
Odell Brewing Co.
Score: 93


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