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  • Summer 2024, Issue 73 Has Arrived!
    Summertime is upon us, and that means it’s time for a new issue of The Beer Connoisseur magazine! We’ve got a...
  • Taste of Belgium Brings Complete Legendary
    Chimay Brewery (Brasserie de Chimay), the distinguished, historic brewery located at Scourmont Abbey in...
  • Kit NA Brewing Launches Program to Encourage
    Kit NA Brewing, an award-winning non-alcoholic beer beverage brand based in Portland, Maine, is proud to...

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Industry & People

Opinion: AB InBev Is Doing a Disservice to the Beer Industry With Its Treatment of RateBeer
In its golden era, RateBeer saw more than 1 million new users per month and had over 100 users with more than 5,000 reviews apiece. A 2013 article...
Brewers Association Announces Retirement of President & CEO Bob Pease
The Brewers Association (BA)—the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to advocating for small and independent American craft brewers—today...
Sapporo-Stone Brewing Appoints Zach Keeling to CEO
Sapporo-Stone Brewing has appointed Zach Keeling to the role of Chief Executive Officer of the 12th largest brewery in the U.S.* Keeling has served...

Beer & Trends


Farmhouse Ale: The Distinctively Tart and Earthy Beer Style
Discover the rich heritage and enduring appeal of farmhouse ale, one of the oldest and most beloved beer styles in history. Despite the passage of...
Mastering the Art and Science of Draft Beer: Tips for Optimal Yield and Quality Pouring
Whether you are serving beer at a bar, brewery, or out of a kegerator at your home, knowing the proper way to properly maintain and serve your draft...

Beverage News

The Historic Odessa Foundation (HOF) and Cantwell’s Tavern present the 11th annual Historic Odessa Brewfest, one of the region’s premier celebrations...
Brewed with oats and wheat, Juice Stand is slightly hazy with copious amounts of Citra hops and multiple doses of blood orange, which makes this IPA...
GoTab, a frontrunner in pioneering restaurant technology solutions, is thrilled to unveil a fresh array of pricing strategies designed to cater to...