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Lakefront Brewery Launches Exciting Gluten-Free Variety Pack

Discover Lakefront Brewery's Gluten-Free Variety Pack featuring award-winning craft beers like New Grist Pilsner and Gosa Rita Margarita-Style. Perfect for gluten-sensitive beer enthusiasts.
Lakefront Brewery Launches Exciting Gluten-Free Variety Pack

Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has announced the release of its highly anticipated Gluten-Free Variety Pack. This latest offering includes the brewery's renowned gluten-free beers: the award-winning New Grist Pilsner-style Beer, the gold medalist New Grist Gosa Rita Margarita-Style beer, and the freshly unveiled New Grist IPA.

“New Grist Pilsner Beer has been the gluten-free gold standard for years. And New Grist Gosa Rita Margarita Beer added a great twist with lime and salt,” said Lakefront Brewery Brand Manager, Michael Stodola. “And now New Grist IPA has hit the market, rounding out this gluten-free line-up. We’ve been constantly improving our gluten-free process, and these three beers are at the top of their game.”

“Our latest brewing process completely takes out any ‘gluten-free weirdness’ and the liquid simply tastes like beer,” added Lakefront Master Brewer, Luther Paul. “New Grist IPA is clean, smooth, and hoppy. I doubt anyone would think it was gluten-free from the taste.”

Following the success of its individual gluten-free offerings, Lakefront Brewery has responded to consumer demand by assembling these three popular beers into a convenient variety pack. This move caters to the increasing market for gluten-free options, ensuring that beer enthusiasts with dietary restrictions can enjoy a diverse range of flavorful brews.

Lakefront Brewery's Gluten-Free Variety Pack will be readily available wherever Lakefront products are sold, expanding the reach of these innovative craft beers across the United States, Ukraine, and Canada. As a brewery committed to sustainability and social responsibility, Lakefront Brewery holds the distinction of being certified as a B Corporation, setting a standard for ethical business practices in the industry.

Moreover, Lakefront Brewery has a history of groundbreaking achievements, including producing the first beer in the United States made entirely from locally sourced ingredients and pioneering the development of gluten-free beer, which received official approval from the U.S. Government.

For beer enthusiasts seeking exceptional taste without compromising on dietary needs, Lakefront Brewery's Gluten-Free Variety Pack offers a tantalizing selection of craft brews crafted with passion and innovation. For more information and to explore Lakefront Brewery's range of offerings, visit Lakefront Brewery's website or contact (414) 372-8800.