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Bambucha Launches Hard Kombucha With Three Flavors

Bambucha Launches Hard Kombucha With Three Flavors

Bambucha Kombucha in San Diego, California has launched with three flavors of hard booch: Blueberry Vanilla, Hawaiian Hibiscus and Tropical Guava. Full details are below.

San Diego, California – Bambucha Kombucha is happy to announce the launch of their new organic hard kombucha line, with the initial flavor lineup consisting of three exotic taste profiles to help grant you those serene island vibes: Tropical Guava, Blueberry Vanilla, and Hawaiian Hibiscus. The team at Bambucha kombucha have leveraged their 20+ years of international chef experience to perfect a hard kombucha that is big on flavor, big on taste, and big on smiles – after all, “Bambucha” is slang for “big” in Hawaiian!

Brewed in San Diego, Bambucha’s chef-crafted organic hard kombucha is refreshing, flavor forward, and easy drinking, featuring 100% raw, clean, and whole ingredients which are gut-friendly in more ways than one – not only is Bambucha’s kombucha probiotic, vegan, and gluten-free, each can is 6% ABV with only 140 calories and 6 grams of sugar. Distributed by Karl Strauss Distributing, Bambucha hard kombucha cans may be purchased online, as well as in over 50 BevMo locations across Southern California, with additional retailers coming soon. Available in 12oz. six packs and 16oz. single cans, the hard kombucha is also available on tap in bars and restaurants across Southern California.

Bambucha’s New Organic Hard Kombucha Lineup:

Tropical Guava // Guava Superfruit, Pineapple

The flavors of the tropics blend into a mouth-watering journey for your tastebuds.  Organic guava, mango and pineapple with a touch of hibiscus doing a probiotic hula dance all the way down to a healthier gut.

Blueberry Vanilla // Vanilla Bean, Almond

Whole ripe organic blueberries are infused into our tart raw kombucha, then softened with vanilla and almond, giving it a comforting sweetness reminiscent of Mom’s fresh blueberry pie.

Hawaiian Hibiscus // Lime, Orange, Grapefruit

A tart Hawaiian hibiscus flower infusion paired with the essence of citrus zests creates an effervescent and aromatic brew.  Brightened with lime, orange and grapefruit, this flavor is light and exotic.

In addition to its new hard kombucha line, Bambucha’s roster of kombucha also includes its five aromatic non-alcoholic flavors, which were launched in 2017 and include Thai Ginger, Guava Punch, Hibiscus Rose, Mango Masala, and the best-selling Blueberry Tart. Bambucha’s non-alcoholic kombucha is available nationwide in 12oz. cans for online delivery, as well as in 400 retailers across California, including Erewhon Market, Jimbo’s, Lazy Acres, and Baron’s, as well as on tap.

Each of Bambucha’s alcoholic and non-alcoholic flavors are available in brightly colored cans featuring custom art highlighting the kombucha’s key flavors, bringing the tropics to your taste buds.

ABV: 6%

Calories: 140

Sugar: 6 grams

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