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Best Beer Apps for iOS and Android

For beer lovers, every pint is a unique experience. We’ve sifted through some (mostly) free beer apps, which may help you to further enhance your beer experience, either through knowledge or just good old socialization.

Best Beer Apps for iOS and Android

For beer lovers, every pint is a unique experience. We’ve sifted through some (mostly) free beer apps, which may help you to further enhance your beer experience, either through knowledge or just good old socialization.





1. TapHunter

An easy-to-use app that provides updated tap lists for watering holes worldwide. Simply add breweries, bars and brewpubs to your TapHunter feed, then feast your eyes on the mouthwatering libations that are currently available. Updated frequently.

Available on iOS and Android.






2. Pivo

Pivo was born after the developers realized they didn’t know how to order a beer while traveling in Prague. They figured it out and took it a step further. The concept is straightforward – learn how to order a beer in 59 different languages. The easy-navigating app includes proper phonetic pronunciation guide and videos of native speakers in order to ensure you say it correctly, even after a few rounds.

Available on iOS





3. Tavour

An interesting twist on the tried-and-true "beer of the month" club, Tavour has gotten rave reviews from craft beer fans due to the rarity and scarcity of its selections. Instead of lumping you with a beer you're not particularly interested in, Tavour selects popular new styles from the hottest breweries, and allows you to choose what beers you would like sent to you and what beers you don't want. It's all set up on the company's sleek mobile app and only requires a few taps and swipes to get the beers you want.

Available on iOS and Android.

4. BeerAdvocate

With BeerAdvocate's app, you can browse beer styles, beer listings, news, places and events, and share them with your friends, and more. It's an extension of the BA community.






5. Elixr

If you’re wondering about a certain spot’s ambiance or drinks list, Elixr may be able to help you keep the pub crawl going. This app could be described as the Yelp of the beverage industry, with an extra focus on the social aspect of drinking. With a thriving user base, info is generally up to date, and by checking in to an establishment with individual beverages with the user friendly interface, you can show off your latest whale to admirers.

Available on iOS and Android.






6. Untappd

What started as a mobile BeerAdvocate clone has become one of the biggest beer apps around. Users check-in at breweries and rate beers they’re drinking on a scale of 1 to 5 – all while checking out what people are drinking worldwide or (with location settings turned on) what people are drinking in your area. Perhaps the only true beer social media site, Untappd is a must for any burgeoning craft beer fan.

Available on iOS and Android.






7. Drizly

If you’ve ever been in need of more beer but without the ability to retrieve it, Drizly might be for you. Drizly will connect you with a local partner store, which will take your order and deliver it to your doorstep in an hour or less. Though the service shows much promise, coverage is still limited to about 20 major cities, however, so it’s worth checking their availability.

Available on iOS and Android.






8. Any Beer ABV

If you guessed that this app is designed to tell you a beer’s ABV, then congratulations! You’ve just earned yourself a beer. But before you drink it, why not check it using this app, which has ABV’s for over 13,000 beers from all over the world. Granted, the internet would also serve this purpose, but hey, it’s a free app.

Available on iOS and Android.

9. Beer?!

You’ll either love or hate this app, which messages someone with the quixotically punctuated query, “Beer?!”. It’s great for when you would rather log into an app and have it send a six-character notification to a friend, lover, or potential Senate candidate instead of typing it out. Despite the numerous existential crises that may emerge from having such a loaded question pinged out at you, the problem with this app is that it can only say “Beer?!”, and doesn’t include a follow-up response for figuring out the time and place. Aside from that, it’s great?!

Available on iOS and Android.






10. Pairwise

Are you often flustered by the craft beer muckety-mucks who know exactly what foods to pair with beers? Well now, with the Pairwise app, you can become a beer pairing master too. Simply enter either the dish or the beer you are trying to pair, include a few descriptors and taste profiles and voila! You’ve got a personalized pairing for whatever beer or dish you’re about to consume.

Available on iOS and Android.






11. iBrewMaster 2

Built to be your assistant brewer, iBrewMaster 2 is re-vamped to provide even more support in your journey towards the perfect beer. Create a batch of beer from the built-in recipe database, track its progress or make changes and let your e-brew companion automatically calculate specific original and final gravities, alcohol content, IBU's, color and calories. You can also upload your recipes to share with other users. This is about as complete of a brewing app as you’ll find.

Available on iOS, (Android currently under development).






12. BeerMenus

Similar to Taphunter, this is a fairly comprehensive tap list app that also branches out to include the inventory of select bottle shops and liquor stores throughout the US. Type in the name of the beer you’re looking for, and BeerMenus will provide you with places nearby that are currently offering that beer. Or, if you know where you’re going, simply search for the restaurant, bar or brewpub you’ll be going to and check the menu.

Available on iOS and Android.






13. BJCP Styles

Those studying for their BJCP certification, or anyone else looking for an in-depth and portable handbook on beer styles according to the BJCP will find this free app quite handy. It’s got both the 2008 and 2015 style guidelines mapped out for easy access.

Available on iOS and Android.



scratchdisk's picture
Awesome list, great to see PairWise on there, but the links are not correct.
Focuzz's picture
Great apps! I'd add one more app called Pint Please ( to the list. It's a beer check-in app gaining popularity especially in Europe and it is updated constantly.
Jim Dykstra's picture
@scratchdisk -- Glad you enjoyed the list, and thanks for letting us know! The links are updated. @Focuzz -- Thank you for reading, and we'll check Pint Please out!
beervisionapp's picture
The issue I found with beers that rely on the participation of breweries/bars, is that the participation rate of the breweries/bars is too low for the apps to be very useful. I realized it'd be much better if there were an app that simply allowed you to take a picture of a beer menu, and find out which ones are the highest rated. I tried a few different ones but none of them worked very well, so I finally resolved to make my own; It's called BeerVision and it's working.
beershonado's picture
There is also Beerista (, which is a "What beers I've had"-app. It's a nice way to collect beers and remember if you liked them.
Editorial Dept.'s picture
Hi beershonado, Indeed, that sounds like an interesting one and a bit like Untappd.
Ilovebeer710's picture
I'd love to see another list, especially since there have been many new apps that have been released since 2016! I was a heavy untappd user, like embarrassing how many beers I've rated, I swear I'm not an alcoholic, just a connoisseur. I got into the brewery scene a bit and really saw a lot of short comings with the apps out there until I discovered the app - nubeer. A great rating app that not only appeases to users but to breweries as well. I don't nearly have all of my ratings in there yet, but slowly it's building back up to embarrassing levels again haha!
Editorial Dept.'s picture
Hi Ilovebeer710, Perhaps there will be another list soon... Thanks for the feedback!
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Binge Buddy is a social network for beer friends. You can try it without installing an app at