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Fair State Brewing Cooperative Releases Chill State THC Seltzer


Fair State Brewing Cooperative Releases Chill State THC Seltzer

Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minneapolis, Minnesota has announced the release of a THC seltzer called Chill State. Full details are below.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Northeast is releasing the latest THC-infused seltzer to hit the market. Chill State is sparkling water infused with 5mg hemp-derived THC and 25mg broad-spectrum CBD.So what makes it different from the rest?

“We work hard to cultivate weed flavors and aromas in our beer at times,” says Niko Tonks, founding brewer, “so why would we not extend that work here?”

The sparkling water is flavored with a choice blend of Grapefruit Kush and King Louis terpenes—where bright, juicy citrus meets earthy pine aromatics. That means there’s plenty of dankness without the bitterness, and lots of fruity, citrus notes without the calories, added sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

Fair State plans to expand offerings, releasing Chill State variants in the future with different terpene blends.The co-op’s members will get first access to Chill State on Monday, October 10. It will be available to the public on Tuesday, October 11 at 4 pm when the taproom opens, to go only in single cans, 4-packs, or cases. Starting on Wednesday, Chill State will be available at Down in the Valley, Legacy Glassworks, Dabbler Depot, Love is an Ingredient, and more.

ABOUT FAIR STATE BREWING COOPERATIVEFair State Co-op is one of the first cooperatively-owned breweries and the first unionized microbrewery in the United States. Founded in 2014, Fair State’s taproom and its original brewery are located in the vibrant Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota, with its larger production brewery located in the Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Fair State’s brewing team focuses on traditional lager beer, hoppy beer, and sour beer. The co-op’s member-owners elect its Board of Directors as well as select nonprofit partners to support through Fair State Cooperates, their community giving program.