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Fulton Beer Unveils Fulton IPA

Fulton Beer Unveils Fulton IPA

Fulton Beer in Minneapolis, Minnesota has announced the release of a new IPA calleds imply Fulton IPA. More details on this new brew are below.


What if IPA was just IPA? 

No, there is no definitive answer now or maybe ever, yet the question rings not through eternity but around a barroom and a garage and if the bell is ringing we will answer or more probably we just ring the damn bell back harder. From now until then we uphold IPA as it might have been, could now be and may never be again or maybe never was. Even if only for this moment, but for as long as we can until we can’t, we brew IPA as it should be.

We made a new IPA. It’s called “Fulton IPA.” It’s nice and simple and awesome, just as it should be. And you can find Fulton IPA in our taproom as well as throughout MN and metro area liquor stores. That name again? It’s Fulton IPA.