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Fulton Brewing Announces Throwback Sampler Pack

Fulton Brewing Announces Throwback Sampler Pack


What's a 10th anniversary without a few celebratory beers to enjoy? And, if you're sharing you best make sure there is enough to go around, right!? It's in that spirit that we are excited to bring back (temporarily!) 3 of our beloved beers from our past for one more go-around. Introducing the Fulton 10 Year "Throwback Pack". Beginning next week you'll be able to pick up these mixed 12-ers chocked full of Fulton hits at wherever you buy Fulton. The chart-toppers include our all-time #1 Lonely Blonde, and Ringer, our highly-repeatable American Pale Ale. Also included in this box set are deep cuts like Insurrection, a cult favorite Imperial IPA and an Imperial Red Ale that dates back to our very first homebrew recipe by the name of Libertine. So sit back, put on your favorite record, crack open one of these hits and let the good times role.