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The Hop Report: Trending Hops for 2020

The Hop Report: Trending Hops for 2020

Hops are a defining factor in any beer, and also often dictate what styles of beer and modes of brewing will be popular in the future. When there are shortages, brewers band together to weather the storm and share wisdom on innovative ways to cram more hop aroma and flavor into a 12-ounce can.

This cycle of experimentation and discovery often means that hops that have fallen under the radar for decades suddenly rise to worldwide acclaim. Other times, genetic modifications lead to brand new varietals, which immediately take the brewing world by storm. Let’s take a look at how 2019 played out on the hop frontier.

First, the big picture: According to the USDA’s forecasted hop harvest for 2019, Citra was the hop grown more than any other in Washington, Idaho and Oregon – America’s top hop growers.

Among the other top contenders were the classics – Cascade and Centennial along with Mosaic and Simcoe and… Pahto? More on that in a minute.

Most would categorize the 2019 hop harvest as a solid year for hops, with decent returns on hop oils and alpha acids, the potency of which varies seasonally. Early spring, especially in the Yakima region, was tough for baby hop crops, resulting in somewhat lackluster yields. Oregon hop growers also saw some of the worst flooding in recent memory in April, further contributing to lower yields than were expected. However, what did grow performed quite well, especially breeds like Chinook, El Dorado and Cashmere, which was featured in last year’s hop report.

Below is a list of rising star hops – some of which were made to suit the public’s taste and some of which the public’s palate has evolved to crave. Some you may be familiar with, having recently caught a wave of interest among the public, while others might be brand new.

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