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Quarantine Vodka Launches During Lockdown

Quarantine Vodka Launches During Lockdown

Quarantine Vodka in San Diego, California has launched in the marketplace as well as on spirits-purchasing platforms Flaviar and Caskers in time for the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. Full details are below.

Quarantine Vodka launches to elevate at home cocktail creations during and long after lock down lifts.

Today marks the launch of Quarantine Vodka, a U.S.-made, ultra-premium crystalline vodka crafted using the purest water in San Diego and distilled six times. It is a spirit forged in hard times, but will be here for good.

Inspired by the ingenuity of spirits lovers who stayed home and came up with spectacular creative cocktails, Quarantine Vodka is designed to be a spirit made for sharing, stirring or shaking into your favorite cocktail to elevate your at home drinking experience long after lock down lifts.

The nose of Quarantine vodka offers clean aromas of corn that translate into a smooth and creamy mouthfeel and an incredibly fresh, crisp finish.

In the spirit of sharing, for each bottle of Quarantine Vodka sold via Flaviar, a bottle of antibacterial soap will be donated to those in need.

Vodka remains the #1 spirit of the U.S. While some spirits rise and fall in popularity, vodka has experienced 20 years of consistent consecutive growth. This growth has become even more explosive in recent months (Flaviar has reported increased vodka sales of +275% in the past two months, making it the fastest growing spirits category on its books). The reason for vodkas’ popularity? Vodka is arguably the most versatile, crowd-pleasing drink around. Vodka goes with everything and is easy to mix with pretty much anything you have at home if you are short on supplies, there are a host of at home recipes which work with vodka or where vodka can be substituted for the original base liquor. So why not take your quarantine cocktails to the next level of perfection with Quarantine Vodka.

Quarantine Vodka is available via Flaviar & Caskers SSP $29.99

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