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Rekorderlig Debuts Low-Calorie Cider for Summer

Rekorderlig Debuts Low-Calorie Cider for Summer

Swedish cidery Rekorderlig has announced the release of new lower-calorie variants of its popular ciders just in time for summer in the U.S. Full details on these new releases are below.

Just in time for summer, Rekorderlig (Rek-order-lig) is thrilled to debut their lower sugar, lower calorie hard cider! The Beautifully Swedish premium hard cider will be released in the U.S. next month (July), after two years of careful research and development. Each of their five signature flavors now boasts 70% less sugar and just 110 calories.

The premium cider brand originally launched their bottled beverages in the U.S. nearly seven years ago and their current portfolio boasts five gluten-free, lightly carbonated fruit blends - Strawberry-Lime, Pear, Passionfruit, Wild Berries and Spiced Apple. Each flavor is 4.5% ABV and serves up the perfect balance of mouthwatering sweetness and tanginess.

With lower sugar and calories, Rekorderlig can be easily mixed into summery cocktails or simply poured over ice and enjoyed.