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Ska Brewing Gives You "Hoptions"

A new 12-pack from the Colorado brewery groups its line of IPAs together in one place.
Ska Beer Hoptions IPA 12-pack

Everyone always wants more hops. At least, that's what Ska Brewing wants you to think.

The brewery's newest 12-pack option bundles its most popular IPAs together in one place. The "Hoptions" Box, as they call it, features four each of Modus Hoperandi American IPA, Decadent Imperial IPA and Rudie Session IPA – plenty of options for those that enjoy the hoppier side of beers.

The "Hoptions" box is available now wherever Ska beer is sold.

Here is a rundown of the three beers available:

Decadent Imperial IPA: Citrus aroma prevails. Mounds of fresh hops and caramel malts explode upon the palate. Originally produced to celebrate our tenth year in business, this Imperial IPA hides nothing of our tendency toward self-indulgent behavior. The flavors of bitter grapefruit and caramel-like sweetness smack the taste buds, but there is plenty of bitterness throughout. There is just the right amount of finishing hops and carbonation to set you up for the next round. 10% ABV / IBU's: 80 / SRM: 10

Rudie Session IPA: Rudie can't fail. Pairs great with breakfast, summer, sunny days, rainy days, winter, on the river, on the trail. Drink it any day, any time. Rudie begins with a big fruity hop aroma of pears and watermelon candy, but is relatively low in actual bitterness. 4.5% ABV / IBU's: 45 / SRM: 5

Modus Hoperani IPA: Woodsy flavors of pine join with splashes of citrus to camp out on your tongue, sending hops skinny-dipping down your gullet in a wave of wild refreshment. An American-style India Pale Ale with a deep golden-orange color. Bitter and hoppy, with a surprisingly smooth finish.  6.8% ABV / IBU's: 88 / SRM: 13

 Photo Courtesy of Ska Brewing