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Slapjack Jackfruit Vodka Makes Its Debut

Slapjack Jackfruit Vodka Makes Its Debut

Slapjack Jackfruit Vodka, brewed in the northern hills of Georgia, has made its debut. More details from the distillery are below.

This original jackfruit vodka is so smooth, juicy and tropical—with a touch of sweet heat— it can be enjoyed all by itself. For a flavored vodka, that’s saying something.

SLAPJACK is a sure hit as a shooter, particularly chilled, with delicious flavors of mango, banana, pineapple, orange and peach (plus a déjà vu flavor profile you know you’ve had before, but just can’t place – until you do). But at the same time the complexity and subtle savory notes appeal to spirits connoisseurs always on the look out for an interesting new sipping spirit or a liquor for creative and unusual cocktails.

It only gets more interesting from there.

Jackfruit itself is a fascinating fruit, loaded with superpowers. It enjoys superfood status for its antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. Its size is as big as its flavor, bigger than most watermelons. And it happens to be great for the planet because the tree it grows on is naturally pest-and drought-resistant, flourishes easily, and has a high yield. Those in the know call it a permaculture dream.

Now jackfruit is trending up, as fast as ever, primarily for its amazing flavor.

The SLAPJACK brand is proving appealing to millennials’ sense of sustainability, identity and uniqueness while still satisfying a desire for flat-out great flavor and fun.

The point is this: SLAPJACK Vodka comes at an ideal time, in an easy-to-enjoy way. Its balance of juicy-sweet with a little heat, makes it the next bar-shooter sensation. Its mellow 70 proof (35% ABV) makes it smooth on the palate. Its memorable flavor profile makes it a high-volume seller for bars and bottle shops alike.

The world’s first Jackfruit Spirit is all natural and produced in a micro distillery in the northern hills of Georgia. The jackfruit flavoring is made from real jackfruit.

SLAPJACK is 70 proof, 6 times distilled, filtered 3 times, made with pure cane sugar and distilled from 100% corn (grain bill) so it’s gluten-free and vegan.

Buy it for the sustainability. Shoot it for the flavor. Drink SLAPJACK for the fun of it.

“Juicy Sweet with a little Heat!”

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