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SLO Brew Unveils New Micheladas Brand Tío Rodrigo

SLO Brew Unveils New Micheladas Brand Tío Rodrigo

SLO Brewing Co. in San Luis Obispo, California has announced a new line of Micheladas to its offerings called Tio Rodrigo. Full details on this zesty beverage are below.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.— SLO Brewing Co. welcomes the addition of authentic canned micheladas to its lineup of celebrated craft beers & spirits with Tío Rodrigo.

Tío Rodrigo pairs a classic SLO Brew Hefeweizen with a fresh and authentic Michelada mix of tomato juice, crisp lime and spices for a bold, reviving craft cocktail. Made entirely from all-natural ingredients, these tangy and bracingly flavorful micheladas are handcrafted to keep the good times rolling.

Tío Rodrigo brings the true taste of Mexico’s micheladas into a ready to drink format with a dedication to striking the perfect balance of traditional ingredients. Packed in convenient and sustainable cans, quality micheladas are no longer tied to a cart full of groceries or Sunday brunch reservations. Now bold and savory micheladas are available with no hassle, around the clock.

SLO Brew’s history in brewing spans over decades and includes numerous gold medal winning beers and the honor of being named “Brew Pub of the Year” at The Great American Beer Festival. The longstanding California brewery is proud to see an expansion in the true independent craft in its partnership with Tío Rodrigo.

About Tio Rodrigo

Authentic micheladas made with the finest natural ingredients and refreshing SLO Brew craft beer. They are full of flavor with a slight kick, just like the traditional recipe from Mexico.  

About SLO Brewing Co.

We began our journey in 1988 as a humble brewpub in the heart of California. Led by a passion for quality and craftsmanship, SLO Brewing Co. remains the Central Coast’s longest standing microbrewery, crafting gold-medal-winning beers and earning the honor of “Brew Pub of the Year” at The Great American Beer Festival. Great things take time. Our house of brands has grown to include SLO Brew craft beers, Tio Rodrigo craft micheladas, Porch Pounder premium canned wine and Rod & Hammer’s SLO Stills craft whiskey.  www.slobrewingco.com

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