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Tallgrass Brewing Announces Brand Refresh

Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kansas has announced plans to redesign its beer cans in order to "create a more cohesive look for the brand," according to a press release from Tallgrass.

The redesigned cans will be available this fall, and while only Top Rope IPA, Zombie Monkie, Buffalo Sweat and 8-Bit Pale Ale were shown in the release, more redesigned cans are sure to follow.

Here is the full release from Tallgrass:

As our brewery has grown, evolved and expanded into new markets over the years, we've taken great pride in our beers and brands. Since making the switch from bottles to 16 oz. tallboy cans in 2010, delicious beers like 8-Bit Pale Ale, Buffalo Sweat and Zombie Monkie have become fan favorites.  

While our cans have always had a look as unique as each name, feedback we've received indicates that they sometimes aren't easy to find on the shelf -- nor has it been clear to consumers they're all made by Tallgrass.

To fix that, we've come up with a new can design that creates a more cohesive look for our beer cans.  This new design makes the Tallgrass Brewing Company brands more identifiable as Tallgrass, while staying true to the fun spirit of our brands. These new cans will start hitting shelves later this fall.   

We're excited to share these new designs, and look forward to seeing more consistent brands in the market with our consistently remarkable beers.