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Triple Eight Distillery Debuts Nantucket Craft Cocktails

Triple Eight Distillery in Nantucket, Massachusetts has announced the release of Nantucket Craft Cocktails, which are made from the company's award-winning vodka. Full details are below.

NANTUCKET, Mass. – Triple Eight Distillery is excited to have some good news to announce with the launch of Nantucket Craft Cocktails. After a few years of experimenting on Nantucket, Triple Eight introduces Nantucket Cran and Nantucket Blue. Nantucket Cran and Nantucket Blue are made from Triple Eight’s top selling vodkas and blended into a clean, refreshing, ready-to-drink cocktail. They are a wonderful representation of the unique and flavorful cocktails which grace the drink chalkboards in the distillery bar on-island at Cisco Brewers.

Nantucket Cran and Nantucket Blue are made with 100% real VODKA from Triple Eight Distillery and flavored with natural cranberry, blueberry and lemon flavors. These carbonated ready-to-drink cocktails are 4.44% abv and 100% Gluten Free.

“This might be the most challenging time to launch a new product in history. However, with all the doom and gloom, it’s actually nice to talk about something new, exciting & refreshing like a craft cocktail in a can. We have been experimenting with these recipes and trying them on all our customers for the past 20 years. We finally narrowed it down and took our top selling drinks from the distillery cocktail list, Nantucket Blue and Nantucket Cran and packaged them to go in a can.” – Jay Harman, President of Nantucket Craft Cocktails.

Nantucket Craft Cocktails are a terrific way to bring the vibe of Nantucket to the beach or your back deck. This initial product launch will include retailers throughout MA, CT, RI & NY.

About Triple Eight Distillery and Nantucket Craft Cocktails

Triple Eight Distillery was founded in 2000 on Nantucket Island by the owners of Cisco Brewers and Nantucket Vineyard. Triple Eight produces a wide variety of award winning spirits including Vodkas, Gin, Rum, Bourbon and Notch Single Malt Whisky. Nantucket Craft Cocktails is the group’s newest venture. For more info and history visit: