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Zero Gravity Craft Brewery Introduces Rescue Club Non-Alcoholic IPA

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery Introduces Rescue Club Non-Alcoholic IPA

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery in Burlington, Vermont has announced the release of Rescue Club IPA, a non-alcoholic IPA hazy New England IPA. Full details are below.

BURLINGTON, VT — We are thrilled to introduce Rescue Club IPA, a non-alcoholic beer of the highest quality born from New England’s craft brewing culture. This IPA is not like the non-alcoholic beers you’ve had before. We use a proprietary technique to deliver a beer that is free of alcohol but full of flavor. Offering you a non-alcoholic option that doesn’t sacrifice the refreshing hop character you crave.

Rescue Club IPA is brewed by Rescue Club Brewing Company, a partnership between Zero Gravity Craft Brewery and Citizen Cider Co-Founder Kris Nelson. Founded with the intention of changing the conversation about non-alcoholic beer, Rescue Club IPA is there for anyone, any time, any place.

This non-alcoholic beer brings you everything you want in an IPA, without the booze. Citra and Motueka hops give this IPA aromas of citrus, pine, and just a touch of tropical fruit. Soft on the palate with a slightly dry finish, Rescue Club IPA bursts with citrus fruit flavor. Bright and refreshing, you can always reach for a Rescue Club!

We believe that a high-quality beverage should not have to be judged on its ABV and that it is the people who make the party, not the alcohol. We intend to open people’s hearts and minds to a different way of thinking about non-alcoholic brewing. We are charting a new course.

Rescue Club’s flagship non-alcoholic IPA is available in six packs in Vermont, beginning in the month of January. Keep an eye out for online ordering and direct shipping coming soon for all of your dry January needs.