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Morning Payoff

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Everyone loves to joke about beer for breakfast, while we prefer to take it seriously! The goal here is simple: make a beer that will go with breakfast. Coffee was a no brainer, as was getting our coffee from our friends at Mothership coffee roasters. Next, we added oats, literally the same rolled oats you’ll find in oatmeal. Followed by a couple different types of malted wheat (cereal and toast), lactose (the sugar found in milk) and a touch of smoked malt (adds a savory quality you’d get from bacon or grilled ham). Finally, we mash a lot of roasted and chocolate malts to layer coffee, brownie, cocoa, and milk chocolate qualities. Put all of this together, and it’s glorious! A rich and savory imperial stout with loads of dark chocolate, brownie crusts, and coffee. Also, did you know this shit was almost called “Party All Night”?

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55º F
Two Row, Oats, Wheat, Chocolate, Roast, Munich, Crystal, Lactose
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