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4 Seasons Winter '20

4 Seasons Winter '20

United States
4 Seasons Winter '20, Mother Earth Brew Co.

A FULL-BODIED, RICH, WINTER-WARMER loaded with chocolate and whole coffee beans, lending a wonderful roasted aroma and flavor without being astringent. Lactose further adds to the beer’s body and provides a silky smooth mouthfeel mid-palate. Medium crystal and pale chocolate malts add light caramel and toffee notes. NITROGENATED.

Beverage Profile
Served at: 
55º F



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Brewery Introduction

Founded in 2010, Mother Earth Brewing Company had one goal; to create distinguished, hand crafted beers that stimulate sensory conversation and a desire for the next sip. From a modest garage, to over 70,000 sq. ft., Mother Earth Brewing Co. maintains our original goal – to challenge even the... Read More