Wings of Lilith

United States
Wings of Lilith, Motorworks Brewing
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This refreshingly tart fruited kölsch style ale opens with a citrus burst of tangerine aroma complemented by sweet floral notes of cranberry hibiscus. A spritz of lemon peel dances through this medium-bodied brew with a fresh bite of ginger providing a crisp, dry finish.Profits from this groundbreaking brew will be allocated to Motorworks’ Women in Brewing Continuing Education Fund, which will allow and encourage ALL of our female staff members to make educational leaps and bounds to grow their careers in the craft brewing industry. Any of our female staff will be able to apply for reimbursement from the fund for cicerone training/testing, brewing convention(s) tickets/travel, brewing education classes, applicable lab training, and other industry related educational endeavors. In short, it’s accessible for female staff on all sides of the business, including front of house, marketing/business, and, of course, the production side, for relevant continued education courses trainings/certifications.


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Bradenton’s first craft brewery, was co-founded by Frank and Denise Tschida. As soon as they laid their eyes on the Bradenton property, they knew they had found something special. Built in 1923 as an automobile dealership – complete with a concrete ramp that was used to move cars from the ground... Read More