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4 Steps for Stocking Your Perfect At-Home Bar

4 Steps for Stocking Your Perfect At-Home Bar

Having a well-stocked bar cart is a symbol of adulthood and something that many people strive to create.

If you are looking for expert tips on the liquors, liqueurs and bar tools to buy, as well as the benefits of ordering alcohol delivery in Abu Dhabi, keep reading for the four steps you need to follow to stock your perfect at-home bar.

1. Make a list of your essential beverages.

Having a well-stocked bar means making sure you have the items you need to make a wide variety of different beverages that you enjoy. Therefore, while several items are classics, you also want to make sure that you are customizing your list to what you actually drink.

If you are looking to have a more traditional bar setup, you will want to have the essential liquors and other ingredients required to make the most popular cocktails.

These drinks include vodka highballs (such as a Bloody Mary, Moscow mule and vodka-tonic), whiskey drinks (such as Jack and Coke, Whiskey highball and Manhattans), and gin highballs (such as gin and tonic, Gin Fizz and a Gin Mule). You also may want to have the ingredients to make rum cocktails, tequila beverages and other popular tall drinks such as a Long Island Iced Tea.

However, you certainly don't need to have every item. For example, for some individuals who prefer whiskey over gin, you may want to prioritize building a diverse whiskey selection. Alternatively, you may want to have a variety of non-alcoholic mixers. The point is that you want to curate a bar cart filled with drinks that you are excited about.

2. Incorporate liqueurs.

Liqueurs are the next step in creating your perfect at-home bar. While you can add these to other spirits to make a cocktail, they are often drunk independently. You can find liqueurs in a wide variety of flavors from all over the world. Start by adding some basic liqueurs to your collection and then gradually grow and diversify it as you try new things.

Generally, the basic liqueurs that you will often find in cocktail recipes are amaretto, coffee liqueur, dry and sweet vermouth, Irish cream liqueur and orange liqueur. If you are just getting started with your bar cart, then you want to prioritize having these.

Next, you can begin to add other liqueurs that align with your drinking tastes. For example, Chambord is a raspberry liqueur that tastes delicious when combined with champagne, dry gin, vodka or rum. Crème de cacao is not too sweet and helps to create mocha martinis or other alcoholic coffee drinks.

For whiskey drinkers, Drambuie is essential as this scotch-based herbal liqueur pairs excellently with a whiskey collection. Finally, St. Germain elderflower liqueur is a floral option that can be used when making light but flavorful cocktails.

3. Upgrade your bar tools collection.

Of course, the best bar carts don't just have the essential alcohol options but also the necessary bar tools. If you are going to be making tasty drinks, then you will need a cocktail shaker to ensure that your drinks are cold when you serve them. Similarly, a mixing glass is necessary for drinks that are stirred, not shaken.

Most people benefit from having jiggers which are small glasses that are used to measure the liquor before you pour it into a cocktail shaker or a mixing glass. Plus, a bar spoon helps you mix and layer your drinks perfectly (and ensure you reach your shaker's bottom). Strainers are also required for removing ice from a drink while it is poured over a serving glass.

Other extremely useful bar tools include a cutting board for preparing garnishes, swizzle sticks and skewers for holding garnishes and an ice bucket for keeping bottles cold.

Your glassware is also going to play a significant role in your drinking experience, so make sure you have a variety of glasses that can be used no matter what type of drink you are making. You can opt to purchase a 16-piece matching set or take a more creative approach and build a unique vintage glassware collection.

4. Order alcohol delivery.

The best way to ensure that you always have the alcohol you need is to get in the habit of ordering alcohol delivery. This type of service makes it easy to stock up your home bar, learn about different beverage options, and make sure you never forget an essential ingredient.

With a wide array of products available for purchase – from champagne to wine, spirits, beer and cider – opting for alcohol delivery in Abu Dhabi (or wherever you reside) is the best way to ensure you have access to an extensive inventory of products.

Moreover, having your alcohol delivered is much more convenient and provides you with the opportunity to read reviews before you decide to order something.

You can also double- (and triple-) check your list before finalizing your order, making it much less likely that you will forget something. And, because the Internet is accessible 24/7, you can choose to place your order at a time that is convenient for you. Not to mention that alcohol delivery in Abu Dhabi is now offered with a same-day option (as long as you place your order before 4 p.m.).

When ordering alcohol delivery in Abu Dhabi, you can be assured that the products are quality controlled and will arrive safely and securely. In fact, your beverages will be delivered to your home address in a refrigerated truck or van. Then, you will be required to present your valid ID to ensure you are of legal age.

On the off-chance that your delivered goods are unsatisfactory, you can refuse to accept the package and ask for a replacement order or a refund.

What do you think are the most crucial items for a well-stocked at-home bar? What are your favorite beverages to make? Have you ever considered doing alcohol delivery? Why or why not?

Let us know your thoughts and any additional insights in the comments below!