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Discovering An Effortless Food Pair: Dry-Aged Steak and Beer

Discovering An Effortless Food Pair: Dry-Aged Steak and Beer

Let go of the idea that steak can only be best paired with wine. High-end restaurants and chef experts make the steak and beer pairs more accessible than ever. Their solution is to understand beer’s key characteristics: bitterness, roast flavor, and carbonation while balancing it with steak’s cuts, tenderness, and fat content.

Start your experience by choosing a dry-aged steak near you. It’s no easy job to look for butcher shops within your area that offer this kind of steak, but you can now commit to online delivery services providing shipment of fresh and five-star brand meats. 

Dry-aged steaks are more flavorful and tender because of the process it entails, but understanding the cut category of steaks is crucial when pairing it with different types of beer.

Fatty Cuts For Bold Beers

Ribeye, Filet Mignon, and New York Strip are some of the options for the fattiest cut. These tender and juicy steaks are best paired with strong, bold, and bitter beers.

  • Stouts - This type of beer is known for its unique texture, classic dark brewing style, and silky, thick mouth feels. This kind of beer will surely not overpower the taste and flavor of your steak. 
  • India Pale Ale (IPA) - Comes with a harmonious flavor and contrasting experience. This type of beer compliments ribeye’s fatty and juicy characteristics due to its bold and bitter taste.
  • Dark Lagers - This is a smooth and malty kind of beer. It also has a mid-range bitterness and alcohol profile which is best paired with the New York Strip.

Lean Cuts For Refreshing Beers

Go with meaty pieces like Top Sirloin, Eye of Round, Flank, and Skirt steaks if you’re a fan of light beers. 

  • Pale Ale - American amber ale, English pale ale, and Blonde ale are easy to drink, flavorful, and balanced beer options. Top Sirloin steak greatly benefits from this combination as it allows the sautee flavors to come through.
  • Herb and Spice Beer - Usually derived from flowers, seeds, roots, and fruits giving unique flavors and aromas. Flank and Skirt steak with the crusty outside is an excellent choice for this beer.
  • Belgian-Style Tripel - Tender and lean cuts are mostly full of flavors. Tripels are acceptable to different palates, and it surely pairs well with the roasted finish of steaks.

There are countless possibilities on how you can create great pairs. Just consider your taste preference and desired flavor to find what interests you the most. Serve this to your friends and relatives for an amazing beer and steak bbq night.