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Does Drinking Beer While Studying Help?

Does Drinking Beer While Studying Help?

This one ought to be a no-brainer, but the answer to the question of whether beer can help you study isn’t always as clear-cut as you might think. Since the dawn of history, people have been making beer. Indeed, there is evidence of alcohol fermentation at the houses of the people who built some of the oldest-known temples in the world, going back 12,000 years. And, obviously, drinking beer didn’t hurt their ability to develop the fundamentals of building in stone. But at a practical level, drinking too much will negatively impact your ability to absorb and retain information while you study. However, you might find that a little beer can actually have a few surprising benefits while you study.

To find out how beer can be a part of your study habits, read this article about booze and brains.

Studying on Substances

It’s no secret that students use substances to try to get an edge while studying. Everyone remembers the classic Saved by the Bell episode with the caffeine pills and how ridiculous it was, but many students do use caffeine to help with studying. Caffeine provides a short burst of stimulation and can also have an impact on the release of dopamine within the brain. Whether guzzling coffee, energy drinks, or, yes, caffeine pills, students believe that the drug will help them to stay focused and stay away while studying. Similarly, some students have made a habit of taking ADHD drugs for which they don’t have a prescription with the intention of getting a brain boost and focusing harder on their studies. These kinds of drugs can have a short-term impact, but the crash that follows using them can often wipe out any intellectual gains made during the studying process.

On the other hand, drinking beer can actually be more beneficial than drinking a caffeinated beverage when you are studying. According to scientific research, there are four major benefits to drinking alcohol while studying:

  1. Enhances the brain’s ability to recall facts. Believe it or not, a little bit of alcohol will help you remember facts better than if you weren’t drinking at all. According to a recent study, if you drink after studying, your brain will stop taking in new information, allowing it to solidify what you already learned. “The theory is that the hippocampus – the brain area really important in memory – switches to ‘consolidating’ memories, transferring from short- into longer-term memory,” said the author of the study.
  2. Enhances problem-solving skills. Alcohol can reduce fears and inhibitions, making you more creative at problem-solving.
  3. Provides a social and intellectual lubricant. Alcohol can help you to bond with your friends and classmates and reduce the barriers that prevent a free exchange of ideas.
  4. Increases speed while taking exams. Now, whether the answers are all right is another question, but by removing some of the hesitation and fear, you’ll move more quickly.

Interestingly, the beer you drink may have an impact on how well these effects impact your studying. According to a recent study, those who prefer craft beer have healthier lifestyles and better habits than those who prefer cheap beer. The reason for that isn’t anything to do with the superiority of craft beer but rather that those who drink craft beer think of it as a special indulgence and are more likely to have healthy habits. They work out more and eat better than those who see cheap beer as a daily drink. 

Beer as Education

Of course, if you are really into beer, you can also make it an official part of your education. There are a number of schools that offer brewing majors, certificates, and courses. For example, the Siebel Institute of Technology offers introductory, intermediate, and advanced level brewing courses. They offer a concise course that lasts three months in which students who have up to one year of home brewing experience can undertake either an in-person or online study in the intricacies of brewing. If you have significant brewing experience, the advanced course should meet your needs, and there is an option to test out of the introductory level if you have real-life brewing experience. Their most advanced program is the Master Brewer program, which lasts for twenty weeks and involves work both in Chicago and in Munich. With a price tag of more than $27,000, it’s also a very expensive option for only the most dedicated aspiring brewers.

Another school with a great brewing program is UC Davis, which offers a 15-week master brewing certificate program. They also offer undergraduate and graduate brewing courses for regular students, too. UC Davis says that “we are regularly contacted by breweries who are looking for new staff.” If you take courses through UC Davis, you’ll be on the fast track to brewing success.

Help with Your Homework

Whether you need more time for beer, are recovering from a bout of drinking, or just need help with your homework, students just like you can pay experts at a service like to write essays and papers for you. When you get help online, you can boost your grades and learn the right way to approach any essay or topic. While beer might give you a slight boost when it comes to studying, seeing your homework done the right way can give you a much more profound advantage that can make the difference when it comes to getting great grades and achieving your college degree.