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Effective Ways to Transform Your Home Bar

Effective Ways to Transform Your Home Bar

Post-Covid, and socializing at home remains a big thing, with the opportunity for relaxed entertaining a real draw. And what better for home entertainment than your very own bar?

From a retro drinks’ cabinet to a shed, cellar or room conversion, a home bar is a real talking point. So, to create the perfect welcome for your guests, here are five effective ways to transform your home bar.

  1. Maximize your space

Whether you have a small bar area in the corner of your home or have converted a shed or outdoor room, there are a few style tweaks you can make to really maximize the space.

Simply adding a large mirror to the back wall can give a sense of space while helping to reflect light and add to the bar atmosphere. Shelving gives you more storage, while simple bar stools which tuck underneath the bar are another great space saver.

  1. Choose a durable bar surface

The bar unit is your focal point, so choose the best worktop you can afford so you know that it not only looks good but it is durable too. Depending on your preferred bar style, aim to get an authentic-looking bar surface.

For example, dark wood is good for a traditional pub look, while a white-washed surface works well for a bar that has a beach hut vibe. Or, for a modern cocktail bar design, sleek marble looks the business. 

  1. Add a personal touch with beer mats

A cool finishing touch to your bar top is personalized beer mats which reflect your bar’s style as well as your own personality!

Online printer Bizay offers a fast and affordable personalised beer mats service, perfect for your home bar. Choose to use one of their free design templates or upload your own artwork to create fun coasters that will get your guests talking.

  1. Invest in some handy gadgets

Make drinks like a professional bartender with some essential gadgets to complete your home bar set up. From a wine cooler to illuminated beer fridge, cocktail maker to an electric corkscrew, there are plenty of time and space saving gadgets to give your home bar an authentic feel. Complement with some gorgeous new glassware and you and your guests will be ready to be shaken - not stirred!

  1. Create great signage

Finally, take your home bar to another level with some personalized signage and branding. A simple yet effective way to style up your bar is with a chalkboard or wall, where you can list the cocktails, beers, or wines on offer. You can also use a chalkboard to create an authentic pub menu or message board, Or, why not go for broke with a bespoke pub or bar sign to give your home bar a name and personality all of its own.