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Guinness Beer: History, Types, Secrets of Success

Guinness Beer: History, Types, Secrets of Success

Many people associate the legendary Guinness beer with Irish pubs and the merry feast of St. Patrick. Today, this brand of Irish beer is produced at the plant of the same name - one of the world’s largest breweries. The brand’s products are exported to more than 150 countries around the world. What are the secrets of such a success? Let’s find it out!

The History of the Guinness Brand

Ireland is considered a motherland to Guinness beer because it is the birthplace of its creator Arthur Guinness. This man founded the very first family brewery, i.e., Arthur Guinness Son & Co. The father of many children had only three sons out of 10 children who decided to continue the father’s business, devoting their lives to brewing. Even as a schoolboy, Arthur helped his father to brew ale, who, after his death, left an inheritance to the boy. With this money, he later rented his first brewery in Lakeslip. A few years later, his business moved to conquer the Irish capital - Dublin.

10 years later, his beer was appreciated on the shores of England, and in the 1770s the brewery created a branded porter, which won the hearts of all Brits. The company passed from hand to hand until the 1980s. During this time, supplies were conducted to Europe, America, New Zealand and Africa. As for today, Guinness is a must-have drink during parties, friendly gatherings, and even online entertainments, which anyone can join now. All this makes the Guinness brand legendary.

Special Characteristics

What is the secret of Guinness beer? The manufacturer has perfected an old recipe. Since 1989, a manufacturer’s innovation has been introduced into the brand’s products. The mass production of the drink with a nitrogen capsule in cans began. Here is the answer to the numerous question of those who tried the product for the first time: why is there a ball in the bottle? This is the company’s branded beer widget. The capsule is only 3 cm in diameter. When you open a beer can/bottle, the device begins to release nitrogen, due to which thick foam forms when pouring into a glass.

The brand is popular all over the world, and its most famous types are:

  • Draught. Dark draft beer. It has a coffee aroma, bittersweet taste, and contains only 4.2% of alcohol.
  • Hop House 13 Lager. It has a golden amber color, thick foam, a light citrus scent, and ABV - 5%.
  • Foreign Extra Stout. It has a strong aroma of burnt grains, rich in taste, bittersweet with a fruity accent. ABV - 7.5%.
  • Dublin Porter. It has a ruby ​​shade and a caramel-malt flavor. ABV - 3.8%.
  • West Indies Porter. It has aromas of caramel and toffee, a sweet taste with hints of cocoa, and strong coffee. ABV - 6%.

The Guinness production process takes only two days. If you have not tried it yet, we strongly recommend you do it. Enjoy!