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How To Organize a College Beer Party

How To Organize a College Beer Party

College is tough, but it doesn’t take up all of your time. You’ve worked hard (or not quite) so you now want to get rewarded (or have your spirits lifted). Despite academics being the name of the game at college, parties are a great socialization opportunity if done right. So how to go about it? You might want to impress but you also want to know what gets heads spinning and social media rocking after your party is over. So, here are some ideas to get you started – and partying well.

Plan Ahead

Obviously, you need to plan ahead. You’ve already looked up “best party beer,” “beer party,” “beer party ideas,” or “best beer to buy for a party.” Still, you don’t know where to start. Well, first of all, planning for a beer party is easier said than done. Let’s agree on a very important thing here. There is no such thing as a playbook for beer parties. Planning for a beer party is, ultimately, about what kind of party you’re having and who you’re inviting. Now, if you’re having a small party, you can sprinkle your budget comfortably over a fewer guests. Let’s say you’re inviting 5-6 people to your party. This means you might need (if your party is going to last for, say, 3-4 hours) 3 beers for each guest. Now, if your guests are coming from different places, you should plan for logistics, too. You could, for example, arrange for free rides, carpooling or Uber. This is just to make sure your guests return home safe. For what beers to choose, there are nearly limitless options. Again, if you’re inviting a few guests you know very well, you might go for less expensive beer. Preferably in cans since canned beer chills faster. If you’re inviting guests you don’t know very well, you should never go cheap. In any case, make sure your party is memorable for as long as possible an

Take your time. Plan well and, if needed to write an essay beforehand, better entrust this task to the professionals.

Choosing Your Beer

There is no golden playbook about your party beer. Just as for your party, your beer should be to your guest’s liking. You know best, or should know, what your guests want. If in doubt, you might just ask. If budget is a concern for you, however, better buy best-value beers within your own limits. Just make sure you’re ready for your party. A party preparation bonus: you can co-host a party to split costs and make fun shareable. In all cases, the bottom line is not about what beers you bring to your party. Nor is it about how much beer to buy for a party. Instead, what matters most is what combination of choices, including beer, you put into your party. After all, everyone wants to have fun at a beer party. So, it’s better be remembered for a guy or a girl who has organized a simple yet entertaining party. Also, it’s very important to organize your time and better to order college papers for sale in advance to hang out with friends later without any bothersome thoughts of assignments.

Use Beer Keg for Your Party

Now, if you’re going big, a beer keg is your to-go option. Typically, parties involve a little bit of drinking (and eating). I’m talking here about good, reasonable, not wild, ones. So, you better make sure you offer plenty of beer for all. If you don’t, you might end up having some guests drinking all of the beer and some not at all. So, instead of rationing beer, you can get a keg. That way, you’re not to be blamed for being cheap. The keg is also a good choice since kegs are used in many beer-focused party tricks such as keg stands. That’s why kegs go much more beyond money. They are just part of your fun.

Beer Party Games

As in most parties or events, beer parties involve some sort of games. In beer parties, you’ve got so many options really. In addition to keg stands (and many more beer drinking games), you’ve got tasting notes. This is, simply, about notes guests take about different kinds of beers you serve at your party. You can run a contest where the funniest note is awarded, say, more beers or a mug. The whole point is, you can “educate” your guests about beers and have fun too. Moreover, getting to know more about beers will help you, or your co-host, to plan better for the next party. That said, you can be creative and come up with as many games as you want. The whole point is, once more, about having fun, not about crafting a book about beer tasting. Just enjoy!

Don’t Forget About Food

You are organizing a beer party, not a binge-drinking party. So, don’t forget food to go with beer. I’m not going to be silly and ask you to go big. I know the budget is and will remain an issue at college parties. So, keep it simple and affordable as much as you can. Especially for bigger parties, you need to keep your expenditures in check. So, although you might not go big, you can serve snacks and less expensive foods along with your beers. One hour or so into your party, your guests would need to eat. So plan ahead for food at your party. Despite all your budget concerns, you might want to be remembered for your generosity. To win more time for a party asks professional writing services to help with your home assignments.

Partying is part of the college experience. If you think of hosting a party, you better get ready in advance. This requires you to plan ahead, choose your beers, use kegs, have beer games, and serve snacks and food. Budget aside, you need to consider the beer preferences of your guests. You should make your parties fun my playing games, too.

Overall, just enjoy yourself and try to be as gracious a host as possible. Cheers!