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Mikaela Hoover: Crafty Celebrity Stories

Mikaela Hoover: Crafty Celebrity Stories

Actor Mikaela Hoover joins The Beer Connoisseur for the next installment of Crafty Celebrity Stories, which features the best tales of ale (and more) from leading actors, celebrities and persons of interest.

Mikaela Hoover is a prolific television and film actor, and she has appeared in a variety of television shows such as Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, The League, 2 Broke Girls and Lucifer. Mikaela has also appeared in multiple films, such as 2007's Super, Playing it Cool in 2014 and also in mega-hit Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy as Nova Prime's assistant.

Beer drinkers like to laugh. What’s the funniest drinking story you can share with us?
Oh man... I once had a conversation with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar having no idea who he was, and I asked him if he ever played basketball when he was younger. I’m not sure if that’s as much funny as it is super embarrassing. There go my “cool sports chick” points. 

Who's the coolest person you've had a beer or drink with?
Russell Crowe!

What are a few of your favorite craft beers and why?
I’m from Washington state so I would have to say Yakima Craft Brewing Co.'s Red Hazy Skies. Superb body and flavor. My favorite red beer.

Do you have a favorite (craft) brewery or breweries and why?
I would have to say No-Li Brewhouse. It’s right on the Spokane river in my hometown of Spokane Washington. It’s laid-back and so beautiful in the summer.

What new projects in film & TV do you have brewing?
I just finished a movie called Guest House with Billy Zane and Steve-O, which is about a lovely couple (played by Aimee Teegarden and Mike Castle) who move into their dream house and are horrified to find out it comes with a Guest House Mate (played by Pauly Shore). It was so much fun to film with such brilliant comedic actors!

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