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Natasha Marc: Crafty Celebrity Stories

Natasha Marc: Crafty Celebrity Stories

Actor Natasha Marc joins The Beer Connoisseur for the next installment of Crafty Celebrity Stories, which features the best tales of ale (and more) from leading actors, celebrities and persons of interest.

Natasha is known for her roles in HBO's Ballers and is playing the upcoming lead in the Showtime series, The Good Lord Bird, which debuts next month.​ She has also had roles on Bones, Days our Our Lives, American Soul and The Rookie.

Beer drinkers like to laugh. What’s the funniest drinking story you can share with us?
The funniest drinking story I have is the time my roommate and I played a game of Monopoly and it turned into a drinking game once someone ran out of money. I never thought I could own so much property. The intensity behind losing when you’re past your limit is hilarious!

Who's the coolest person you've had a beer or drink with?
The coolest person I’ve had a drink with was Whitney Houston. It was at a Grammy party the year she passed. I still regret not asking for a picture.

What are a few of your favorite craft beers and why?
I like beers that have a little hint of citrus. I did a Shock Top beer commercial once, which introduced me to that side of beer and it was pretty cool. Not that strong but still with a little extra kick to it. I also was blessed to have done a commercial with the “most interesting man in the world” Jonathan Goldsmith in a Dos Equis campaign right before he retired.

Do you have a favorite (craft) brewery or breweries and why?
I’m really in favor of this admired Cajun Fire Brewing Company back in my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s owned by young black men in New Orleans and they won an entrepreneur week contest and are slated to be the city’s first black owned brewery. I love witnessing people take a leap of faith in an already dominantly established business and beat the odds to succeed.

Have you attended any beer events or festivals that you particularly enjoyed? What made them stand out?
Growing up in New Orleans there’s always a festival for something! We like to party so of course we have one for beer. I love the NOLA on Tap festival because in addition to great beer, proceeds help the homeless animals so it’s a party with a purpose.

What new projects in film & TV do you have brewing?
I like how you put that twist on this question… very clever. I have lots brewing over here, you can catch me on Showtime’s new series The Good Lord Bird coming to your screen very soon. Also, a couple of feature films that I do not have the release date for as of yet, we are still in post-production. And finally, during the football season I was featured as the Dr. Pepper girl in the soda's Fansville commercials:

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