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Seven of the Best Breweries in Atlanta

Seven of the Best Breweries in Atlanta

Across the country, there are amazing breweries that serve craft specialties, lofty stouts, and creatively made IPA beverages. Specifically, in Atlanta, the demand for breweries has grown exponentially over the last five years. According to Eater, there are over 25 breweries that have opened or expanded in the last two years. If you are looking to celebrate with an Atlanta local, there are seven breweries that you cannot miss. By pairing some of the best beer gifts with a brewery gift card, you can surprise anyone on your gift list. In this article, we will share the seven best breweries in the Atlanta area.

1. Monday Night Brewing

Monday Night has two locations. The brewery is located on the “west side” while the garage is located on the “west end.” This unique spot was started by a small group. Eventually, they started brewing beverages that attracted hundreds of individuals. Now, this award-winning destination is well-known in the area. They are specifically known for their wide selection of creatively flavored IPAs.

2. Bold Monk Brewing Co.

Also located on the west side, Bold Monk is a spacious place that has indoor and outdoor seating. You can lounge in the garden, the library, the dining room, or the coffee house. In addition, they are known for their amazing gastropub dining options. The most popular beer selections include Belgians and stouts.

3. Scofflaw Brewing Co.

Scofflaw is one of the most popular breweries in the Atlanta area. There are two locations, both located on the west side of town. This brand offers unique selections that are growing rapidly across the country. Although it is most popular in Georgia, this brand has a national presence.

4. New Realm Brewing Co.

New Realm is a large place that is located on the East Beltline. The beltline is a collection of walking trails that loop across the entire city. This brewery is very large and is home to cornhole tournaments, trivia nights and group gatherings. This company sells delicious easy-drinking beers and double IPAs.

5. Jekyll Brewing

Jekyll has two locations in the Alpharetta area. Although this is not technically in the perimeter, it is still in close proximity to Atlanta itself. The friendly staff members are often able to make spot-on recommendations for their customers.

6. Fire Maker Brewing Co.

Fire Maker is a new destination in Westside Atlanta. Although this brewery is still up and coming, it has already gained a lot of traction. This brewery has interesting menu items that accommodate every taste bud.

7. Sweetwater Brewing Co.

Sweetwater is the biggest craft brewery in Georgia, and it has grown in popularity throughout the entire country. This colorful brand is located in Midtown. At this location, you can take tours or lounge on the outdoor patio.


There are over one hundred breweries in Georgia. In Atlanta, many of the most popular breweries are located on the west side of town. From light lagers to Belgians to pale ales, every beer lover can find a drink that they enjoy. Next time you are in the Atlanta area, hop between the unique selection of breweries that are located across the city.