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Texas Is A Beer Drinker’s Heaven - But Staying Safe Requires Careful Thought

Texas Is A Beer Drinker’s Heaven - But Staying Safe Requires Careful Thought

Texas has a long brewing history and a storied past when it comes to alcohol, yet, official views on drinking have remained disapproving. Indeed, it was only in May of last year that the Texas Tribune reported that the state was set to legalize alcohol to go, something which can be of a huge detriment to beer enthusiasts who love to enjoy their brews on the fly. With this liberalization in law comes the opportunity for beer drinkers to enjoy a tipsy night out with a lot more flexibility - but there’s still a huge responsibility on you to stay on the right side of the law.

The dram laws

The most important factor to consider concerns the Texas dram shop law. In short, Texas retailers will take a very cautious line when it comes to inebriated customers. This is because they will, potentially, be liable for damages caused by inebriated customers to other businesses. This law is enforced; the Waco Tribune-Herald highlighted one venue, Backyard Bar Stage and Grill, allegedly after customers they overserved went on to drink-drive and assault members of the public. Examples of the dram law being used are easily found and commonplace. What does that mean for your night out? You need to be aware that venues are cautious; they are unlikely to serve if you are inebriated. Plan ahead, and stock up before the night out.

Aggressive litigation

The view of the courts is obvious in recent settlements. CNN highlights one eye-popping court outcome which awarded the family of two victims of a drunk driver over $300 billion in damages. While CNN notes that not a single dollar of that is likely to be paid, the symbolic element of the outcome is important. As a state, Texas pursues drink related crimes extremely aggressively. It’s more of a reason to be well behaved and ensure any drunken antics stay on the right side of the tastefulness line.

Planning the night

Texas has a law which means most bars will shut by 2am at the latest. While Spectrum News notes that most citizens would prefer that to be extended, it will remain as it is for the time being. You can use this to plan your night in one of two ways. You could either go on a daytime tasting trip, drinking beers and ales during the day, or turn it into a night out bar trip. It’s a good idea to split your day into two; that way you can stay sober enough, keep enjoying the drinks in an enthusiast’s capacity, and never go past your limits. If you feel you might be going too far, head home and sober up.

Texas is a great place to enjoy a drink. It’s also one of the strictest states when it comes to punishing people who take it too far. Stay on the right side of the line on your boozy trip and you’ll enjoy it all the more.