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UK Casinos Charging the Earth for a Pint of Beer

UK Casinos Charging the Earth for a Pint of Beer

When you visit Las Vegas, you are going to be very well looked after when it comes to hospitality, and if you enjoy a beer when gambling, all you have to do is to ask a passing cocktail waitress and it wont be long until that comped beer arrives.

Free drinks are all part and parcel of the Vegas experience of course, however that is something you are not going to experience in the Untied Kingdom, for visit any land-based casino venue there, and ask for a beer, you will be expected to pay for it.

Soft drinks are free of course in all casinos in Great Britain, but I am beginning to suspect those free soft drinks are being paid for by the people who drink beer in those venues, as the price of a pint of beer is somewhat shocking at nearly all casino venues.

It is not in fact the casino operators fault you have to pay for alcoholic drinks, there are a lot of weird and wonderful laws and rules in the UK regarding gambling, and one such rule is the banning of giving customers any type of alcoholic drink for free.

If you are planning a night out any time soon and you plan on spending any amount of time in a casino in the UK and will end up drinking the odd beer or two, then read on for details of which casinos offer reasonable prices beer and which ones do not.

Genting are the Best of a Bad Bunch

There are plenty of casinos up and down the UK so you can easily choose a site to play at and many of them are operated by Genting, and whilst you are always going to be able to avail yourself of free of charge soft drinks and beverages, when it comes to a good old pint of beer, well, expect to get your wallet or purse out.

However, whilst they do not charge as much as other casinos, operated by different companies, their loyalty scheme is one which will allow you to exchange your awarded comps points for drinks by using them at the bar.

But, and this is important, you will have to earn those points in the first place, so make sure you always insert your players card into the slot machines or electronic card and table games you are playing, for with a little bit of play time you will often find you have earned enough points to get yourself a drink.

I have also found that their Managers do have the power to get you a free beer, if you get chatting with them, and also possibly complain about something! The things you have to do, to get a free drink these days.

Grosvenor Somewhat Overpriced

Another large company in the United Kingdom that operates casino venues is Grosvenor and having visited several of their land based casinos one thing I have certainly noticed is just how expensive drinks there can be.

Also, it can be difficult trying to find someone to order you drink off, especially at the quieter times of the day when they tend not to have waitresses wandering around the casino gaming floor asking if you would like a drink.

I have also seen a noticeable lack of bar staff too, some of whom seem to have two job and are rarely to be found behind the bar when the casino is not as busy as it could be.

So just be aware any visit to a Grosvenor Casino will often see you having to fork out a small fortune if you do fancy having a beer or two, that is if you can find someone to order that drink from or even worse if you are lucky enough to find someone to serve you that drink.

Independent London Casinos

If you are planning a vacation to London and fancy gambling whilst you are there be aware that there are a quite a number of independent casinos dotted around the city, however they tend to cater for high end clients and as such any drinks you wish to purchase will be expensive.

So too will be the minimum table stake limits, so unless you have a big wallet full of cash you will be best advised to stick to visiting one of the more well-known casino groups, for you will at least get some value for money when visiting those venues and wont be forking out a huge fortune just for the odd little drink or two.