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Utepils: The Norwegian Word for the Art of Alfresco Drinking

Enhance your beer banter with 'utepils' - Norway's outdoor lager tradition. Explore Norway's brewing legacy, beer culture and more. Immerse yourself in a Nordic sipping experience while anticipating that first alfresco drink of the year. Cheers to a Norwegian adventure!

Utepils: The Norwegian Word for the Art of Alfresco Drinking

Keen to impress your drinking buddies the next time you gather at your favorite watering hole? You might want to think about throwing the word “utepils” casually into conversation. What does it mean? You know that feeling you get when spring finally arrives and the urge to go outdoors with a cold one sets in? To English speakers, it’s an indescribable feeling. In Norway, this alfresco drinking is called “utepils” and literally means “outside lager.”

Norway: A Rich Brewing Heritage

Even when compared to some of their European neighbors, Norwegians are known as being particularly enthusiastic beer drinkers. Here, lagers like pilsner are the preferred drink for many. Like their Scandinavian counterparts, Norwegians have been brewing beer for hundreds of years. In fact, homebrewing was incredibly common up until relatively recently, when red tape made it a thorny legal issue.

This stands in stark contrast to previous centuries. At one point, there were hundreds of breweries scattered across Norway. What’s more, citizens were required to brew their own beer by law. Sadly, the humble brewing house would become an increasingly rare sight in Norway during the 1900s as industrialized brewing became the standard. Fortunately, it wasn’t an extinction-level event for domestic brewing. Today, dozens of microbreweries are active in the country, with many Norwegian bars selling craft beers from their own operations.

Norwegian Drinking Culture

Non-native beer connoisseurs might find the cost of drinking in Norway a shock. While it’s true that Norway has some of the highest alcohol prices in Europe, this isn’t down to greedy brewers. Instead, it’s sky-high taxes imposed by the government that’s to blame. While low-alcohol beers are exempt, anything with an ABV rating of 0.7% or above feels the pinch.

Despite this, locals aren’t shy about spending on alcohol. During the past two decades, alcohol consumption in Norway has been steadily rising, with the average Norwegian putting away 51 liters every year. It’s not just pilsner that’s being enjoyed in this part of the world. Locals have been savoring the distilled spirit aquavit since at least the 15th century. There’s also Nordic classics like honey-sweetened mead, along with a warm glass of glogg (the regional take on mulled wine) at Christmas.

Looking Forward to a Utepils?

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