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Why Moderate Beer Drinking May Be Good for You

Learn about the surprising health benefits of moderate beer consumption. While beer is a popular social beverage, it also provides essential nutrients, supports bone health and may lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Why Moderate Beer Drinking May Be Good for You

Beer unites many people around the world and has been a preferred social beverage for thousands of years. Many types of beers contain about 4% to 6% alcohol, although the content can increase up to 40% alcohol depending on the brand. For many years, alcohol consumption has been linked to negative outcomes, ranging from addiction to liver problems.

Of course, understanding the risks and any possible health benefits of drinking beer is crucial.  However, recent studies have shown that the moderate consumption of beer can have many benefits. This article looks at the findings and explores why moderately drinking beer regularly may be good for your health.

Beer Has Nutritional Benefits

One of the main benefits of drinking beer in moderation is that it contributes to your daily nutritional intake. Some experts view beer more like a food than a beverage. Some even consider it “liquid bread.” While that means you ought to be mindful of how many calories you consume in each bottle you drink, it also means that the liquid gives you some good nutrients.

According to a recent study, beer contains useful protein and B vitamins in larger quantities than wine. It also has antioxidant qualities similar to wine.

Beer also contains some fiber, niacin and phosphorus. Although beer contains nutritional value, you should not use it to supplement dietary nutrients. Understand that excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful and can lead to addiction. Try not to exceed two drinks in a day to truly benefit from the nutritional value of beer. Don’t drink so much that you have to pay for research paper writing the next day because you can’t work on your projects.

Beer Gets You More Active

Many people tend to view beer as a guilty pleasure, but mostly because of the weight gain associated with drinking beer. You will be happy to find out that, when imbibed in moderation, the benefits of enjoying a glass of beer go far beyond helping you to relax after a busy day or when watching a game. Please note that drinking in moderation means consuming two drinks a day for men and one for women.

Also, understand that while evidence shows that there is room for drinking as part of your healthy and balanced diet, you shouldn’t start drinking if you are presently abstaining from doing so. According to evidence, moderate drinkers are more likely to exercise compared to non-drinkers. Furthermore, the more regularly you exercise, the more you are likely to drink once in a while.

Moderate Beer Drinking Helps with Kidney Stones

Another benefit of drinking beer moderately but regularly is that it helps prevent kidney stones. According to research, a moderate drinker is less likely to get kidney stones. In other words, if you drink one or two cans of beer once in a while, you are 41% less likely to get kidney stones. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that alcohol makes people urinate often, helping people clear out the tiny crystals that form the stones. That said, you need to avoid drinking too much as it can cause dehydration and increase your risk of kidney stones.

Beer Makes You More Social

Drinking beer is one of the most effective ways to socialize and meet new people in less formal environments. Evidence shows that having good friends to turn to when facing problems is great for your mental health. Perceived social support has been shown to provide stress relief and improve the ability to cope during hardships.

The good thing is that people who drink together are likely to form connections and spend more time engaged in conversations. They are more likely to share stories and talk about their challenges. Even then, drinking for social purposes must be done in moderation. If you feel that you need time for your friends for a social drink and cannot work on a project – don’t panic. You can work with writers online. Reading an essaywriter review will give you insights on how to choose gifted writers as well as the process of custom essay writing.

Beer May Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

One of the main benefits of drinking beer in moderation is that it helps to lower the risk of diabetes. According to a recent study, people who consume three or four times a week are less likely to develop diabetes than those who do not drink at all. These findings are important since diabetes leads to many complications, including kidney disease, hypertension and possible amputation of the lower limbs.

Beer Is Good for the Heart

Many professionals recommend consuming beer in moderation to improve cardiovascular health. According to recent findings, people who consume one or two beers a day have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those who don’t. Experts opine that beer may indeed be as effective at improving heart health as wine at comparable alcohol levels. In another study, researchers found that drinking one beer a day reduces the risk of all-cause mortality. Of course, more research evidence is needed to cover this area.

Beer Improves Bone Strength

Another benefit of drinking beer regularly is that it helps increase the strength of your bones. According to recent studies, moderate quantities of beer taken regularly will help with the strength of your bones. The researchers attribute this greater density in bones among women who drink beer to the existence of phytoestrogen in the beverage. Other studies also link the increased bone density in beer drinkers to the high silicon content of beer. The point is that women who consume more than two beers daily have significantly greater bone density.

This article summarizes some of the benefits of beer drinking for health and nutrition. Caution is needed, since these benefits are all linked to drinking in moderation. In other words, while moderate beer drinking has some benefits, excessive consumption of alcohol can be harmful to your health. Heavy drinking exposes you to certain cancers and heart muscle damage.