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Lindemans Celebrates 200th Anniversary with Limited Edition Lambic

Lindemans Celebrates 200th Anniversary with Limited Edition Lambic

Lindemans in Vlezenbeek, Belgium has announced a 200th anniversary special lambic that is a blend of multiple different lambics. Full details are below.

VLEZENBEEK, Belgium – Lindemans, one of the oldest Belgian lambic beer brewers in the world, is celebrating its bicentennial with a limited edition lambic, Cuvée Francisca. Founded in 1822 by Francisca Josina Vandersmissen and Joos Frans Lindemans, the brewery produces one of the world’s oldest beer styles with the greatest care and immense passion.

To celebrate the brewery’s rich 200-year heritage, Lindemans is releasing an exclusive anniversary beer: Cuvée Francisca. Inspired by and named after Lindemans first lady, Francisca Josina Vandersmissen, it is a unique blend of a four-year-old lambic from the oak casks T1001 (20%), T1006 (35%), T1017 (35%) and 10% young lambic from foeder (oak cask) T1014; it’s dry yet complex, making it a nicely balanced old gueuze for beer enthusiasts as well as those new to the style. First fermented in wooden casks and then refermented in a bottle for 12 months, it carries a distinct taste of oak, citrus and notes of vanilla with a sherry aroma. The jubilee blend has a refreshingly sour yet crisp finish, and pours a golden blonde color.

Francisca Josina Vandersmissen was born in Hof ter Kwadewegen in Belgium’s Pajottenland a region known for its noble beer lineage, as it is the only location in the world where authentic lambic can be brewed. Soon after Francisca married Joos Frans Lindemans in 1822, they moved into the Vandermissen farm brewery and thus Lindeman’s Brewery was born. Two hundred years and six generations later, Lindemans Brewery is still owned by the founding family and is now led by cousins and co-owners, Dirk and Geert Lindemans, and continues to operate in its same founding region.

“It’s an honour to carry on my family’s liquid heritage as the sixth generation of Lindemans brewers.” said Dirk Lindemans, co-owner and managing director of Lindemans Brewery. “What started out as a small family business has grown into an international renowned lambic brewery bringing new flavor profiles and experiences to fans all over the world. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Francisca Josina Vandersmissen and Joos Frans Lindemans, and we’re thrilled to be celebrating our 200th anniversary with a namesake beer in her honor.” added Geert Lindemans co-owner and managing director.

A limited release of only 25,000 bottles worldwide, Cuvée Francisca is available for purchase in 750 ml bottles in shops across the country. This batch is available as a limited release only.

About Lindemans Brewery 

Since 1822, the Lindemans family has been brewing lambic in Vlezenbeek in the heart of Pajottenland, Belgium. Lindemans Brewery is the largest, independent, family lambic brewery. Due to the sharp increase in sales abroad, the company has become an established name in the international beer world. In 2021 Lindemans produced more than 113,000 hectolitres and currently has 70 employees. Lindemans is imported to the US by Merchant du Vin.

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