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Stone Brewing Collaborates with MOVA Brewing to Support Those Affected by War on Ukraine with Side by Side IPA

Stone Brewing Collaborates with MOVA Brewing to Support Those Affected by War on Ukraine with Side by Side IPA

Stone Brewing and MOVA Brewing Co. (MOVA) in Dnipro, Ukraine, have teamed up to support those affected by the war on Ukraine. In a powerful statement of solidarity, Stone Brewing will donate proceeds from the collaboration brew to support Stone’s distribution partners in Kiev.

The collaboration brew, Mova / Stone Side By Side IPA, will be available on draft at Stone Brewing locations in the United States and at locations throughout the world. It has been brewed using a combination of classic IPA hops and newer varieties, giving it flavors of papaya, orange, strawberry, and stone fruit with some dankness and sturdy bitterness. This smooth and easy-to-drink IPA has an alcohol content of 6%.

MOVA, located on the frontlines of the war, has faced challenges but was fortunately spared destruction. Through it all, the MOVA team’s resilience and actions have made them stronger and closer than ever. The Mova / Stone Side By Side IPA tap handle art is designed by Ukrainian artist Dartsya Zironka. Zironka’s artwork inspired the name of the collaboration brew, with soldiers side-by-side, and one having a slightly ghosted appearance, representative of the support offered in spirit from across the world.

Stone Brewing’s International Sales Team played a crucial role in the collaboration. When the war on Ukraine broke out in 2022, they rallied their personal and professional networks to help Ukrainian refugees. They delivered food and critical supplies to the Ukrainian border and found homes for refugees, who they had bussed back to Berlin with them. During these efforts, the team learned that their partners at Wine Bureau in Kiev were among the countless businesses destroyed by bombings, and they connected with MOVA.

Stone Brewing’s commitment to supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine is a testament to the company’s values and its dedication to using its platform to make a positive impact. By partnering with MOVA, Stone Brewing has created a collaboration brew that not only tastes great but also supports a crucial cause.

“Stone Brewing is proud to serve MOVA/ Stone Side By Side IPA across the world in a show of solidarity and to raise funds to help our friends at Wine Bureau rebuild,” stated Sascha Brand, Director of International Markets. “Even though divided thousands of miles apart, Stone stands with the people of Ukraine in spirit – side by side.”


Name: Mova / Stone Side By Side IPA

ABV: 6% 

Availability: Limited Time, worldwide

Packaging: Draft only