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Judge's Review: 92 Rating - Urayasu Rice Lager by Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co.

April, 2022

Urayasu Rice Lager

Urayasu Rice Lager

United States
Urayasu Rice Lager, Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co.

Urayasu (rye-yah-su) Rice Lager is a Japanese-inspired beer, named after the sister city of Orlando, FL and where a well-known amusement park calls home today. Our connection with the history in Orlando brings back the past of a previous amusement park, where this one brings back their history of being an important fishing village for the Edo capital. Rice adds clarity, crispness, and a slight sweetness, while still only making up less than one third of the grain bill. This well-balanced beer combines the earthy herbal flavors of the land with the nobility and brightness of the sea, as Urayasu has.

Beverage Profile
Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner
Czech Saaz



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Judges Rating: 
22 / 24
5 / 6
37 / 40
10 / 10
Overall Impression: 
18 / 20

Urayasu Rice Lager by Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co. is being judged as an International Pale Lager (Category 2A) per the 2021 BJCP Style guidelines.

This beer pours a straw gold color with very slight chill haze. A bone white head of fine, mousse-like bubbles is persistent and leaves a beautiful lacing on the glass as this beer is consumed. At first, there is an initial subtle and clean aroma. As the beer warms, a very low, slightly grainy and slightly crackery aroma is apparent along with a very low, typical, rice lager note. There was an initial very low DMS, though this dissipated fairly quickly. Initial flavor consists of low malt sweetness with a low doughy note. The malt flavor gives way to a very low hop bitterness with a low flavor of floral and spicy hops. This beer has a clean lager fermentation character and is extremely refreshing. The aftertaste consists of a very light lingering sweetness, grainy malt and spicy hops. This beer has a medium-high carbonation and is lightly prickly on the tongue and enhances the thin body. The combination of the carbonation and body gives a slight creaminess to this beer.

Overall, this is an exceptional beer. It is extremely well-executed and is brewed with the quality of a macro adjunct lager with more flavor and enjoyability. I found it refreshing and flavorful, and I highly recommend giving this beer a try.