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2021 Trends in Craft

The year 2020 was a bummer. So, let’s move on. But first, there’s the business of craft beer to consider and how it has weathered a pandemic year.

Just looking at the beer headlines and what’s trending about beer on Twitter as the year came to a close could be a perilous pursuit, because the headlines and stories emphasize problems such as a shortage of cans just when they’re needed the most—by everybody from Coca-Cola to craft brewers. There’s more fallout than usual when it comes to closings and bankruptcies. And then there’s the eternal 2020 weirdness such as sales of beer for off-premises consumption, although it increased year-over-year, beginning to lag behind wine and spirits.

When money and jobs are tight and people are drinking far more often at home instead of restaurants, bars or taverns due to a pandemic, one would expect relatively affordable beer sales to be strong. People may be drinking more alcohol in some quarters to cope, but some are drinking less due to job losses, which may be higher among those who often buy beer.

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