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Beverage Entrepreneur Michel Myara Unveils LYTT Hard Seltzer

Beverage Entrepreneur Michel Myara Unveils LYTT Hard Seltzer

Beverage entrepreneur Michel Myara has announced his newest venture: a hard seltzer brand called LYTT Hard Seltzer, which is made with Guaranà to give the drink a subtle, exotic flavor. Full details on this new beverage are below.

The hard seltzer world is about to get a major shake-up, thanks to one of the greatest disruptors in the beverage industry.

Michel Myara is the man behind LYTT hard seltzer, the most exciting new hard seltzer on the market. Myara is not new to the industry. He’s spent his whole career turning the beverage world upside down and coming up with fresh, out-of-the-box approaches to popular drinks.

He’s a trend setter, and he’s not afraid to follow his instincts.

A few years back, Myara pioneered a brand-new take on energy drinks. RAGE Liquid Energy was the first pre-workout energy supplement that was packaged in a 16 oz can (instead of in powder form). RAGE was a high potency, zero sugar drink made with creatine, to give consumers the burst of energy they needed to power through a tough workout.

Myara sold the brand back in 2014, for a highly successful exit. The drink subsequently inspired drinks like Bang, Reign, Adrenaline Choc, and others, paving the way for a multibillion-dollar segment of the energy drink industry.

After RAGE, Myara turned his vision to the flavored malt beverage (FMB) category. LYTT was the first FMB to use premium ingredients and a first class, bespoke approach to crafting the drink.

Most FMBs are made by running a rudimentary filtration system on cheap malt liquor, and then drowning the beverage in artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup. But Myara took a different approach. He was the first to use reverse osmosis filtered malt, adding Guaranà to give the drink a subtle, exotic flavor. Absolutely no sugar added.

The result? A premium beverage that can appeal to any audience.

Now, Myara is turning his attention to hard seltzers – and the result is a game changer.

So far, hard seltzer is usually made using alcohol from fermented sugar, with a touch of flavor. Some hard seltzer, like Smirnoff Hard Seltzer, uses alcohol from malt liquor.

LYTT is something completely new – just like Myara’s other products.

LYTT hard seltzer is the first hard seltzer to be infused with the delicate flavors of Guaranà and organic teas. It’s sweetened with monk fruit, and it’s crafted using a blend of alcohol from fermented sugar and pure, organic cane alcohol.

LYTT hard seltzer will also be marketed differently. Instead of being sold in a 12-pack, LYTT will be available in 6 packs. That makes it appealing to health conscious, budget-minded consumers who want to spend less and drink less, but who also want to enjoy a premium, memorable experience.

Myara has a solid grasp of what consumers want. Based on his past successes, LYTT hard seltzer will be a major game changer in the beverage industry. This is a product to watch, and to watch closely.