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G&Juice Debuts CBD-Infused Sparkling Beverage Collection

G&Juice Debuts CBD-Infused Sparkling Beverage Collection

G&Juice in Los Angeles, California has announced a new line of sparkling CBD-infused beverages. Full details on this new series are below.

LOS ANGELES– G&Juice, the female-run, CBD-infused sparkling beverage collection, is excited to announce that is has launched its portfolio of mouth-watering beverages including: Coconut Vanilla, Ginger Peach, Strawberry Lemonade, and Blueberry Mojito. Made with all natural ingredients, G&Juice is revolutionizing the Cannabinoid industry by providing a low calorie, all natural beverage with all the benefits that CBD is proven to have.  Each 12oz can has 20mg of CBD, less than 2g of sugar and only 20 calories.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of the two key compounds of the cannabis plant family. CBD is the non-psychoactive portion of the plant, which means consumers won’t have any effects like euphoria. Reported effects include: Calms anxiety, helps reduce stress, controls inflammation, manages pain, soothes aching muscles, and sleep management.

“We are thrilled to launch our CBD infused sparkling beverages in the US. G&Juice is passionate about bringing awareness to consumers, and providing our customers with a CBD product that is easy, accessible, and most importantly enjoyable.” Jade Padua, CMO and Co-Founder of G&Juice commented. “G&Juice truly believes the mind, body and heart must be tended to daily and is offering up alternative, innovative methods to keep us feeling refreshed and well balanced.”

G&Juice is currently selling directly to consumer at and is available in a 4 pack ($29.99) or a 12 pack ($78.99). G&Juice products are only available right now in the United States, the company is currently looking into options to increase distribution globally. The four flavors of G&Juice’s CBD infused sparkling beverage collection include:

  • Coconut Vanilla – This perfect blend of coconut and vanilla is the best beach vacation captured, with the alluring aroma of coconut cream pie. A totally dynamic duo in one drink, with the added laid-back lusciousness of CBD.
  • Ginger Peach – Sip the sun-rays of sunset with this refreshing carbonated cool. Its fruit and plant combo packs a gentle punch of ginger power, and as it goes down, you’ll feel the calm of evening drift in on the CBD.
  • Strawberry Lemonade – Fruit on fruit serves up refreshing feel-good fizz in a carbonated classic with a twist of CBD. There’s plenty of flavor to savour followed by calming and soothing for body and mind.
  • Blueberry Mojito – The blend of fresh blueberries, muddled mint and lime offer the classic mojito taste with a CBD twist.

For more information on G&Juice and the story behind the brand, visit www.g& or follow G&Juice on Instagram (@GandJuice), Facebook (@GandJuice).

About G&Juice

G&Juice is led by a team of entrepreneurial females trying to shake up the cannabinoid industry. The three founders, Genina, Lisa, and Jade separately discovered the nurturing effects of CBD and collectively turned something that improved their quality of life into a product that simply works. G&Juice truly believes the mind, body and heart must be tended to daily and is seeking out and offering up alternative, innovative methods to keep our physical and emotional lives intact and thriving.

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