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Golden State Cider Releases New Core Cider: Mellow Green Champagne-Like Cider

Golden State Cider Releases New Core Cider: Mellow Green Champagne-Like Cider

Golden State Cider in Healdsburg, California has announced the release of a new core cider called Mellow Green, a champagne-like cider that clocks in at 6.3 percent ABV. More details from the brewery are below.

HEALDSBURG, Calif. — Golden State Cider announces the release of their new core cider, ‘Mellow Green’. Made of 100% fresh-pressed West Coast apples, Mellow Green is a champagne-like cider that is lightly hopped to impart a bright, citrus tang. With just 7g of sugar per 16 oz., it is dry and balanced.

Mellow Green is inspired by Golden State Cider’s California roots. From oceans to mountains, lakes and deserts, the landscape covering the golden state is diverse, alluring and awe-inspiring. It is this ethos that drove the creation of this ripe, aromatic cider.

“Mellow Green is completely unique and truly rounds out our year-round core cider offerings. The initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we could not be more excited for this release!” says Chris Lacey, Golden State Cider CEO.

Golden State Cider remains committed to investing in initiatives we believe in across California. Therefore, a portion of Mellow Green proceeds will be donated directly to two National Parks within the state. All sales in NorCal will benefit Redwood National State Park conservation efforts. All sales in SoCal will benefit Joshua Tree National Park conservation efforts. “These are iconic parks that have provided memorable experiences for millions of people. We want to ensure many more millions get to experience them.” says Lacey.

Golden State Cider envisions Mellow Green as a part of adventure and exploration in all forms. With a refreshing structure, this cider is the perfect stand-alone accessory to any trip outdoors. Food pairings range widely with ideas like barbeque, vegetarian and truffle dishes. Mellow Green is 6.3% alcohol by volume and sold in 4-packs of 16 oz cans, 19.2 single-serve cans and Draft. Crafted with 100% fresh-pressed West Coast apples, this cider is gluten-free, vegan friendly and low in carbs.

About Golden State Cider

Golden State Cider offers a variety of apple driven dry ciders with a mission to grow apples through cider and revitalize California’s apple growing industry. All ciders are made with whole, natural ingredients in Sonoma County. Learn more at: drinkgoldenstate.com

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