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Holy City Brewing Announces 'Chefs Who Like Beer' Kitchen Takeover

Holy City Brewing Announces 'Chefs Who Like Beer' Kitchen Takeover

Holy City Brewing in Charleston, South Carolina has announced a kitchen takeover called 'Chefs Who Like Beer' that include collaborations between Holy City's taproom chef Joel Norman and other notable culinary minds.

The full list of chefs is below in a release from Holy City.

Holy City Brewing is proud to present “Chefs Who Like Beer.” This is a collaborative effort between our taproom chef Joel Norman and Russ Moore of SNOB, RJ Moody of Spero, Brian Nelson of Keg Cowboy in Columbia, Bob Cook of Edmund’s Oast Restaurant, and Jacques Larson of The Obstinate Daughter and Wild Olive. The event takes place on August 17th, and the dinner service will run from 5-8pm.

What are these chefs going to do? It’s an all-you-can-eat dinner, cooked outside on our patio, prepared and plated by the six of these guys. There will be potentially four different plates that you can choose from, and if one’s not enough, you can always come back for more. Wristbands are twenty-five dollars a pop, and they’ll get you an all-access pass to all of the food at the event.

Holy City Brewing’s kitchen will operate normally through lunch service, and will cut off food orders at 4pm, but will serve light snacks for the hour before service. At 5pm, the chefs will start preparing food on the patio, and the bar will sell wristbands that can easily be added to a guest’s tab. Once someone has their wristband, they can eat until their heart’s content.

There will be four different plates, and although the menu is still being worked out, we plan to have a pork plate with fixings, a poultry plate with fixings, a seafood dish with fixings, and lastly, a vegetarian/vegan plate. We will release the final menu the day-of on Instagram.The plates will be served in small portions to allow those participating in “Chefs Who Like Beer” to try a little bit of everything that we’ve got.

We will have @LiveInkPromotions selling Exclusive “Chefs Who Like Beer” Event Swag that can only be purchased during the event. That’s right, if you don’t go, you can’t buy your own super-sweet HCB “Chefs Who Like Beer” t-shirt, printed on demand to whatever t-shirt, tank top, v-neck you choose off of a clothing rack. We’re excited to get all of these culinary powerhouses together in our taproom on Dorchester Road as part of our monthly event series that serves to send off our old taproom in proper fashion before we make our big move to Park Circle by the end of the year. Please direct all questions about the event to [email protected]. I’d be happy to clarify any of the details for you! Cheers.