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Luna Bay Hard Kombucha Expands to Wisconsin

Luna Bay Hard Kombucha Expands to Wisconsin

Luna Bay Hard Kombucha in Chicago, Illinois has announced an expansion to Wisconsin. Full details are below.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - Luna Bay Booch is proud to announce its line of hard kombuchas will launch in Wisconsin starting early this summer. Wisconsin marks Luna Bay’s second state of distribution in the Midwest and seventh state across the nation.

“With Chicago as our origin city, we knew early on that we wanted to bring Luna Bay to our neighboring state of Wisconsin. Launching in this state means so much to our team, many of whom have attended their schools and visited their cities and lakes for weekend adventures. We’ve received countless inquiries and it always felt like a perfect fit for our expansion plans,” says Bridget Connelly, CEO of Luna Bay. “Bringing people together is what we are all about. We hope Luna Bay will bring more of that to this beautiful state. Let the summer of booch begin.” 

Luna Bay will join forces with Wisconsin Distributors, the state’s leading beverage distributor, to bring its three flagship flavors - Palo Santo Blueberry, Hibiscus Lavender, Ginger Lemon - to Lake Geneva, Madison, Fox Valley, Milwaukee and other neighboring towns. Unlike other hard kombuchas, Luna Bay is made with Yerba Mate tea and is vegan, gluten-free and low in sugar. 

“We are thrilled to have this female owned brand in house,” says Abby Bartlett, Wisconsin Distributor’s VP of Marketing. “Luna Bay represents many attractive qualities that today’s consumers are seeking. If you are visiting Wisconsin or live here; we look forward to making it available for your summer enjoyment and beyond!” 

Expect to see Luna Bay in Wisconsin grocery stores, bars, restaurants and more starting June 2020. For more information about Luna Bay Booch, please contact [email protected] or visit Follow along on Instagram at @lunabaybooch.


Luna Bay was born out of a desire to make a change in the alcohol beverage industry—to brew something good for body, mind, ​and planet. From that desire, we​ created a natural, nutrient-dense and ethically sourced hard kombucha—the first of its kind to be produced and distributed in Chicago. All Luna Bay kombuchas are gluten-free, low-sugar and naturally fermented to 6% ABV for a boozy bite. Luna Bay is proudly woman-owned, -led and -brewed.