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Product Review: DrinkTanks Classic Growler

DrinkTanks Classic Growler and Kegulator

Sometimes, you just want more beer. Though beer packaging comes in all shapes and sizes – from tiny 8.4-ounce “nip” cans to burly 22-ounce bombers, the fact is there’s always room for more.

That’s exactly what DrinkTanks provides. DrinkTanks growlers are available in both 128-ounce versions dubbed The Juggernaut, or in 64-ounce Classic Growlers. We opted for the deceptively large 64-ounce rendition, which is available in 14 uniquely colored finishes. While it looks no bigger than a typical beer stein, the Classic Growler actually holds a half-gallon of liquid in its exceedingly light, high-grade stainless steel shell.

In a nifty twist, this growler can also do double duty as a personal mini keg with the help of DrinkTanks' auto-regulating keg cap. The Kegulator, as DrinksTanks calls it, came with our growler. If you opt for this additional piece of gear, you get a detachable tap and two CO² cartridges for a truly creamy kegged beer experience.

We poured a bomber of our fall issue’s highest-scoring beer, Rogue Mocha Porter, into the growler and let it sit overnight. All DrinkTanks growlers are fully vaccuum insulated, so you can put either hot or cold liquids in it and it will keep them piping hot (for 12 hours) or fully chilled (for 24 hours), according to DrinkTanks' website.

We tested the beer upon arriving at our offices the next day and observed that the beers were indeed still cool, but not cold. While this temperature was perfect for a porter, lighter beers would suffer a bit from higher temperatures, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

The keg cap system couldn’t have been easier to install. The growler comes equipped with a list of five easy-to-follow instructions that outline everything you need to do in order to make the Kegulator attachment work. I still managed to overcarbonate the beer a bit, but it didn’t make the biggest difference for a creamy porter.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2015, DrinkTanks growlers and minikegs began shipping a few months after. Find out more or purchase a DrinkTank for yourself at their website:



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