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Product Review: Original Grain Watches | The Brewmaster Collection

Those who have brewed know that time is an essential element to the process. Brewers must keep a tight schedule, and thus, must be aware of time at all times. 

The folks at Original Grain Watches (OG!) put two and two together and made a set of watches specifically designed with brewers in mind: The Brewmaster Collection

What makes these timepieces expressly beer-related? Every watch is made with wood from authentic reclaimed wooden barrels, using a "tempered carbonization process that extracts the utmost individuality from every ale-soaked artifact," according to Original Grain. In other words, they use heat from a flame to bring out the character of the wood, and accentuate the grain. Since these barrels once held alcohol, the wood in question is oak.

We were able to test out The Barrel, a top-selling model which comes in a 47 millimeter and 42mm face size, made with German oak. Specifically, we tried the 47mm. 

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